What is a product manager 4

Information in the area of ​​product management.


There is no professional training to become a product manager. Specific Bachelor courses are only offered sporadically and with a focus on IT or software product management. There are some contact points in the master’s. Otherwise, the following applies: The following paths can lead to product management.

Commercial education.

With a commercial apprenticeship, you have basic economic knowledge, know customer contact and, depending on the professional field, have been involved in one or the other marketing campaign. With additional work experience, your path can then lead to product management.

Product manager training.

The course usually lasts about 12 months and ends with a corresponding certificate. The target group are mainly employed people who would like to take a distance learning course to become a product manager.

Economics degree.

You can do this anywhere in Germany and consciously concentrate on the areas of focus that correspond to the tasks in product management - i.e. the areas of marketing, sales, production or management. In addition, your job and entry chances as a product manager increase if you have the right professional experience. During your studies, for example, these would be corresponding internships or working student activities.

In addition, a product manager scores with certain soft skills. Because: You often manage products across departments - and you need the necessary organizational talent. In addition, it is the job of the product manager to work creatively, to think innovatively and to act with foresight. As a product manager, you should have excellent communication skills in order to be able to make arrangements with all parties involved in a transparent and constructive manner.

Programming knowledge or tool skills (product management system) are often important prerequisites, particularly in technical product management.