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Volunteering with wildlife

🐘 How can I protect endangered wildlife?

The projects in which you can work as a volunteer or intern to protect wild animals are as diverse and different as the animal world on our planet. You can be more practical at a wildlife sanctuary or sanctuary, or you can be more research-oriented. The importance of habitat protection is also steadily increasing.

No matter what your interests are or what skills you have, there is sure to be the right project for everyone who wants to volunteer in animal welfare. Raising awareness among locals and tourists is a very important part of protecting wildlife. The more people who are on the same page and want to participate, the better!

🦒 How can I help protect African wildlife?

For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the term "wildlife" is African wildlife. A safari in South Africa or Kenya is on the wish list for many people. The variety of wildlife species you can find in the savannas, plains, mountains and tropical rainforests of Africa is endless. Most populations, however, are falling dramatically and must be protected by governments and motivated volunteers.

The big 5

The African animals that come to mind first are the Big Five, which were given this name not because of their height, but unfortunately because of an old hunting term for the five animals that are most difficult to find To chase on foot. They include the Elephant, rhinoceros, lion, leopard and Cape buffalo. And unfortunately, all of these wildlife species are still hunted in Africa today.

Trophy hunting is a big sport in countries like South Africa, and wealthy tourists from all over the world come to "hunt" lions, leopards and other wildlife in Africa, simply for fun and, of course, to take home their "trophies" and display them. This heinous practice took place in Africa. The animals are often semi-wild and so are not afraid of humans, which makes them a much easier target.


Another creature that you could be a wildlife volunteer in Africa is the mountain gorilla that lives in the forests of Uganda and Rwanda. It is one of the most endangered wildlife species, with only a few hundred specimens left in the wild. Support the local animal welfare programs in their research and do your part to protect the shrinking habitat of the mountain gorillas from further deforestation for economic purposes.

Wildlife reserves

Volunteers can help raise awareness of these cruel practicesby working in one of the many sanctuaries for lions and other big cats rescued from the gate hunt. You can also work at a breeding center that is committed to ensuring the size of the gene pool and genetic exchange of endangered species, which is essential for their long-term survival.

Wildlife protection

If you like to be out in nature and want to see the animals in their natural habitat, there is Animal welfare and research projects that observe the various populations, movements and behaviors of animals, such as:

🐨 How can I help protect wildlife in Australia?

Australia is a vast continent full of diversity - white beaches, rainforests, endless roads and the vast ocean that surrounds it. Hence, it is home to some of the greatest and most unique wildlife on earth. . Unfortunately, many unique Australian animals such as the koala or the Tasmanian devil are classified as endangered. 29 Australian mammals have become extinct since the arrival of European settlers in 1788.

The number of endangered animal and plant species in Australia is staggering: around 1,700 animal and plant species are listed as threatened, and another 90 are considered extinct under the Australian Government's Environment and Species Act. The main threats they face include:

  • improper use of fire
  • illegal hunting for commercial purposes
  • Habitat degradation through clearing of trees
  • Predators such as foxes and wild cats
  • damaged ecosystems by global warming

As a volunteer for the Conservation of Endangered Wildlife in Australia, you have many different tasks, as the volunteers are involved in every part of the animal welfare work. You will help with the cleaning and maintenance of the rehabilitation facilities for injured and rescued animals. A big part of volunteering in wildlife conservation also consists of educating tourists and locals about the importance of the issue. Other tasks of volunteering in a conservation project that you can expect are:

  • Animal breeding and husbandry
  • Feed preparation
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the enclosures
  • take care of the animals
  • Participation in fundraising campaigns
  • Community education activities

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