Why does my piss smell weird

Urine: what odor and cloudiness reveal

  • The urine is almost colorless and odorless, at most slightly yellowish: This indicates health. The urine does not contain any filtrates or residues that could indicate diseases.

  • The urine is dark yellow: You probably did not drink enough, so you are dehydrated. The body tries to conserve fluids and concentrates the urine. In addition, the dark color can indicate a bladder or kidney infection.

  • The urine smells strong: This can come from certain foods - such as asparagus or coffee. Then the intense smell is harmless. However, bacteria can also cause it. If the urine smells unpleasant for more than a day, this should be clarified by a doctor. It could be caused by irritation or inflammation.

  • Blood in the urine: This is a major symptom of inflammation of the ureter, bladder, or kidney, but it can even occur cancer Clues. However, blood thinners are also a possible cause. However, if there is blood in the urine, always consult a doctor!

  • Urine is brownish: Important alarm signal, please see a doctor immediately - it is old blood and indicates kidney damage or inflammation of the liver and pancreas.

  • Urine foams: If the urine is foaming it is a sign of protein in the urine. This suggests that a kidney is not working properly. Inflammation, but also high blood pressure or diabetes can be the triggers.

  • Frequent need to urinate, but then only dripping: If the prostate is enlarged or if there is a bladder infection, frequent urination and small amounts of water are typical signs.

  • Pain when urinating: If there is also pain, it is probably a bladder infection. However, various sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea (gonorrhea), are also associated with these symptoms.

  • Gas bubbles In the urine: If you notice air and gases from the urethra when you urinate, this could be caused by bacteria (cystitis). In rare cases, there may be a fistula behind it (a tiny passage between the colon and the bladder).

  • Urine tastes sweet: In the past, the doctor also tasted urine. The sweet taste indicated that urine contained glucose. That is the case with diabetes. "Diabetes mellitus" therefore means "honey-sweet flow".