Why do we sweat with the flu

The summer flu phenomenon - sweating, freezing and exertion put a strain on the immune system

Air conditioning and drafts in particular cause large temperature jumps in summer, which on the one hand put a strain on the immune system and on the other hand dry out the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, so that cold viruses can overcome this barrier more easily. Anyone traveling on vacation in an air-conditioned car, train or plane should therefore always have a blanket or jacket close at hand. The body can also cool down while bathing, especially if the wet swimwear remains on the skin. And if you love ice-cold drinks, you shouldn't overdo it - they too cool the body.

Cold shortener from nature

People with a cold can be found everywhere - sneezing and coughing throw millions of tiny viruses into the air. These are inhaled or land on objects and find their way from there via the hands to the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract. If the immune system is weakened, sore throats, sniffles, coughs or fever quickly appear. If the cold symptoms persist for a long time, the holiday joy is gone.

A natural immune active complex, contained in Esberitox® Compact, for example, can be readily available in the first-aid kit to shorten the cold time and significantly alleviate the symptoms of the cold. The active ingredient from arborvitae, dyer's husk and coneflower it contains has an antiviral effect, accelerates the formation of antibodies and activates the body's own phagocytes. In order to keep the symptoms in check, the herbal combination can also be combined with symptomatic herbs. The immune system becomes permanently strong against attackers through a diet rich in vital substances and regular exercise in the fresh air. Drinking abundantly moistens the mucous membrane of the throat on hot days, sea water spray protects against a dry nose. If the body is used to temperature fluctuations from alternating showers or visits to the sauna, these are less of a problem.

Did you know that thorough hand washing is effective against viruses? Studies have shown that thorough lathering kills more germs for at least 30 seconds than disinfecting your hands. If you ventilate rooms frequently, you reduce the density of pathogens in the air you breathe. Caution: Even in midsummer you should not sleep without clothes or a blanket, as the body temperature drops even on hot nights. A T-shirt and a thin sheet prevent you from getting cold.

Leisure sickness and open window effect

A free weekend or finally the longed-for vacation and already announcing a flu-like infection? In specialist circles, the "leisure sickness" is referred to as leisure sickness. It mainly strikes when the body abruptly switches to sleep mode after stress and the immune system also switches to the back burner at the same time.

Athletes, on the other hand, often have to struggle with the open window effect. It describes a temporary weakening of the immune system after a hard, intensive training session. In both cases it is advisable to pay attention to a more undulating load and a harmonious alternation of tension and relaxation in order not to overload the body.