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Who is the right lawyer for me?

If you are looking for a lawyer for family law, you will find a large selection on the Internet: There are currently around 165,000 lawyers in Germany. 13,774 lawyers work in Berlin, 364 of whom are admitted as specialist lawyers in family law (i.e. 2.6%, of which 2/3 specialist lawyers for family law and 1/3 specialist lawyers for family law, as of January 1, 2015). So who is the right lawyer for your particular concern in family law?

Especially in family law: a lawyer needs professional competence

First of all, pay attention to the professional quality of the lawyer. You will most likely find them at the specialist lawyers for family law. A lawyer who has proven his specialization in family law is awarded the title “Specialist in Family Law”. A specialist lawyer for family law therefore has theoretical and practical knowledge of family law. He is obliged to keep himself up to date through further training in family law. So if you have a choice - seek out a specialist family law attorney. You wouldn't ask your general practitioner to have a heart operation ...

The family law attorney should also mediate

Lawyers, regardless of whether they work in family law or in other areas of law, have learned to “fight”. Legal training is all about claims and defense against them. This is different in family law: Most married couples want a fair and amicable settlement of their separation and divorce. The lawyer working in family law should also have the necessary instinct as a mediator. Mediation is a separate additional training for the family law attorney with the aim of solution-oriented mediation. Because the individual solution to your problem in family law cannot be found in any code of law ...

Special procedures in family law require specialized lawyers

For more extensive proceedings, it is necessary that the lawyer has in-depth knowledge beyond family law, for example in tax law: If the lawyer has to clarify the maintenance obligation of a self-employed person or entrepreneur in family law proceedings, extensive tax documents must be checked. Because the income that the self-employed person declares to the tax office has little to do with the income that counts in family law. The lawyer in family law must derive this maintenance-related income from the tax documents. It can be very helpful here if the specialist lawyer for family law is also a specialist lawyer for tax law. The same applies, for example, if a company or a doctor's practice is to be evaluated in the profit compensation. Here the lawyer for family law has to correctly interpret balance sheets and reports on company value.

Family law is a matter of trust - can you trust your lawyer?

Today's clients are well informed and self-determined. You value lean decision-making processes and are cost-conscious. You are looking for a lawyer who can competently support you in finding an individual solution in family law. This type of cooperation is based on trust - and the “chemistry has to be right” between the client and the family law attorney. Emotions play an essential role in the separation. The lawyer cannot simply ignore this in family court proceedings. A good deal of psychology can therefore do no harm on the way to an amicable solution. Because settling a divorce is different from settling a traffic accident ...

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