Why don't students wear their uniforms?

Students in uniform

School uniform yes or no? In many countries such as Great Britain, Spain or Japan, the school uniform is still often worn. Why not here in Germany too? The school uniform has advantages: The constant arguing about who wears the most expensive branded clothes would definitely be off the table if school uniforms were introduced.

Putting in school uniforms will not bullish anyone because of their clothing. The students often feel insecure because of their clothing, this should finally come to an end. If there were school uniforms, one would not see the social status of the students.

Students should be able to go to school without being bullied about their clothes. In addition, the students would then not be under peer pressure. Fashion competition would be halted by the introduction of school uniforms. And there are many other positive points as well. In the morning you always ask yourself the same question: "What should I wear?" Students waste far too much time in the morning choosing clothes and sometimes even miss the bus. This problem can be easily solved with school uniforms. The students would immediately know what to wear.

School uniform instead of competing for branded clothes

Many students get distracted in class by wearing flashy clothing. When everyone wears the same clothes, students can concentrate better and stop paying attention to other people's clothes. Everyone buys the latest t-shirt or pants to be considered cool at school. It is important to many to wear brands and this compulsion often leads to the marginalization of students whose parents do not have enough money for branded clothes. Parents and students could save their money or spend it on something else because everyone in school wears the same clothes anyway.

School uniforms are not only good for the students, but also for the whole school, a uniform logo or a school color create identity. The sense of community and togetherness would then be strengthened. Many people think that school uniforms are always monotonous, but the whole school could create a school uniform that everyone likes. Each student could come up with different ideas about school uniforms - and in the end the whole school could vote on which school uniform looks best. So the students would not be forced to wear a school uniform that they do not like. All students would be the same in school and in front of the teachers. So the teachers would not immediately see whether the student is poor or rich. Many problems can be solved with a school uniform. There are many positive points on this subject that show that introducing school uniforms would make sense. I am also in favor of introducing school uniforms.