What is a recruiter

Personnel consulting: These are the tasks of a personnel consultant

Personnel consultants are important for companies that are looking for qualified personnel. You can find information about the job as a personnel consultant and salary here.

Depending on the position you occupy as a personnel consultant, tasks and research are very extensive. (Image: whitesession - pixabay)

What tasks does a personnel consultant have?

The tasks in personnel consulting are diverse. Personnel consultants work independently or employed in companies. The main task is to competently advise companies on personnel decisions. The personnel consultant is actively looking for a lack of skilled workers and workers. Most of the time, he takes care of placing an attractive job advertisement on various platforms. These include print media such as newspapers, social media channels and job exchanges such as Xing or LinkedIn. But a recruiter doesn't just passively wait for job seekers to get in touch. He actively searches for personnel and browses platforms for personnel who meet the desired requirements. In industries where skilled workers are in short supply, he may try to poach skilled workers from other companies. When entering this profession, one of the most important tasks of HR consulting is to network successfully.

Why can a researcher make additional sense?

Depending on the position that you would like to fill as a personnel consultant, your tasks and research are very extensive. In some professions, working with a researcher can make sense. This gathers extensive information about the vacant position. The data it collects simplifies the targeted search for suitable workers. Another advantage of working with a researcher is that you can focus more on recruiting the people you want. One of the tasks of a personnel consultancy is not always to research extensive information about a profession in advance, but this can vary depending on the company.

The HR consultant market 2017: 68,000 positions were filled by HR consultants (source: BDU)

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What is the difference between a recruiter and a headhunter?

When companies are looking for a recruiter, they often come across the term headhunter. Of course, this does not mean a headhunter. Basically, headhunters are often used when a personnel consultant has specialized in the search for executives. Some like to call themselves headhunters in order to stand out from others. However, many reject this term and use both terms synonymously. The term executive search consultant is more popular for personnel consultants who specialize exclusively in executives.

What are the requirements for a personnel consultant?

Many personnel consultants are lateral entrants. There is no independent training for this profession. However, many personnel consultants have already looked for talent beforehand. Personnel consultants come from different industries. Knowledge of business professions is certainly an advantage. Through qualifying courses to become a personnel consultant, you can take part in the IHK graduated as a specialist in personnel consulting and recruitment since 2011 receive.

How much does a recruiter earn?

The salary as a personnel consultant varies. When he starts, he usually earns around 40,000 euros a year. A successful personnel consultant in this profession can earn a monthly salary of 10,000 to 15,000 euros. Some personnel consultants take 20 to 35 percent of the gross annual salary of the vacant position as a salary. You calculate a discount before you start looking for suitable staff. Entry into this profession is easier if you have previous knowledge of personnel decisions. Qualifications and a good network are prerequisites for high earnings. Anyone who, as a personnel consultant, can successfully find good personnel improves their prerequisites for reaching higher paid levels.