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Children's home

A children's home is a home for children who, for various reasons, can no longer live in their own families. For example, this can be because the parents are very sick, have big problems or did not take good care of their children. In such cases, the youth welfare office can decide that it is better for the children if they grow up separately from their birth parents. In rare cases, the children may no longer have parents and therefore need a new home. Many children live in the children's home until they are 18.

In the children's home, teachers take care of everything

In a children's home in Germany, educators are there for the children day and night. For example, they help the children with their homework, go to parenting meetings, put the children to bed or take them to the doctor. In a children's home everything should be done to ensure that the children are well. For example, many children have their own nursery and sometimes it is even allowed to have pets. If possible, the children see their parents regularly. And sometimes it also works that after a while they can go back to their parents.

Like a big family

In addition to children's homes, there are also so-called children's villages in Germany. There children live together in small groups or in children's village families. In such a children's village family, four to five children live permanently with a children's village mother or father. It is called Children's Village because there are several residential buildings for several groups and families on the site. And most of the time, a children's village also has a wide range of leisure activities with a workshop, playground, music school and riding stables.

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