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Best time to visit Maldives

The Maldives are literally an island paradise. Long, white sandy beaches, coconut palms, turquoise blue and crystal clear water, colorful and exotic fish. There is no better way to switch off and leave the gray everyday life behind. So that the weather also plays along, we have put together information for you about the best time to travel to the Maldives.

1. The optimal travel time

The best time to travel to the Maldives is in the months December to April. Then it is consistently warm and dry at around 30 degrees and the probability of rain is lowest. The perfect conditions for diving and bathing holidays.

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2. The climate in the Maldives

The Maldives are located southwest of Sri Lanka and India in the Indian Ocean. Here prevails tropical climate, which is characterized by high, constant temperatures and humidity. During the day, the average temperatures are between 28 and 32 degrees, it only cools down slightly in the evening and at night. The water is also around 28 degrees warm all year round.


3. Dry and rainy season in the Maldives

While there are four seasons in Central Europe, the year in the Maldives is divided into dry and rainy seasons. The The dry season is from November to April and is determined by the winter monsoon. This flows from the northeast across the island chain and provides most hours of sunshine and only a few rainy days. In this high season you have almost a fair weather guarantee, although the prices are correspondingly higher.

The The rainy season is from May to October. The wet summer monsoon from the southwest brings up to, especially in the months of June, July and August 15 rainy days a month. Violent thunderstorms and heavy rain showers, as well as a restless sea are now increasing. However, it should be noted that a rainy day does not mean that it pours out of buckets all day. A small shower between hours of bright blue sky is enough to classify the day as a rainy day. This means that you can have a great beach vacation even in the rainy season. Another advantage is the low season price.

Your idea of ​​vacation determines the best time to travel. If you want to spend as much sun as possible and uninterrupted beach days, travel in the months of November to April. If you are looking for cheap offers or if you want to use the heavenly backdrop for surfing, the time between May and October is more suitable.

4. Overview of climate & weather by months


January is the dry season and is one of the best months to travel to the Maldives. With a maximum of three rainy days, the chance of getting a drop is very low. The temperatures are around 30 degrees in the air and around 27 degrees in the water.



Next to January, February is the driest month of the year. A maximum of three rainy days, 31 degrees with 9 hours of sunshine a day and 28 degrees water temperature offer fantastic conditions for the perfect bathing and beach holiday.



March is also ideal for a Maldives vacation. The relatively low humidity of the dry season ensures pleasant days and nights with lots of sun.




April is mostly dry and the hottest month of the year with temperatures of up to 33 degrees. Even when the rainy season is approaching, you can still enjoy many sunny days.



The rainy season in the Maldives begins in May with the summer monsoon. However, that is no reason to postpone the vacation. The roaring sea is particularly attractive for surfers who will find it difficult to find high waves in the winter months.



June is the wettest month of the year. Here there are more frequent short, sometimes heavy showers. However, these also alternate with sunny weather. Now in the off-season you can also travel cheaper.



July is also part of the low season and is interesting for bargain hunters. Anyone who wants to get to know the incomparable island paradises of the Maldives has a good chance of a cheap holiday here, while fewer guests in total live in the resorts.



In August the rainy days slowly decrease while it remains windy. Surfers now find excellent conditions.




Like August, September is one of the “coolest” months of the year with maximum average temperatures of 29 degrees and around 6 hours of sunshine a day.



In October the rainy season ends and the weather becomes somewhat more stable again. As a rule, you have a very good chance of a mostly sunny holiday again.




November is the first month of the dry season. Now the winter monsoon brings an increasingly dry climate again. The temperatures rise up to 31 degrees with about 7 hours of sunshine a day.



In December, perfect conditions for beach and bathing vacationers are completely restored. It rains an average of only four days, while temperatures rarely drop below 30 degrees and the sun shines 8 hours a day.

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