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Encryption: Basic security on the Internet

In the modern digital communication There are many dangers that the credibility or Authenticity of a message or any other data transfer to question. To secure communication channels, however, existed before the Internet Encryption methodused to disguise content or to reveal the identity of Ensure sender and recipient. Building on the findings of this early encryption, cryptography can now use a wide variety of encryption methods.

In this counselor we would like to inform you about how encryption works and which encryption methods have developed. So it should be possible for you Mechanisms behind message and data encryption to understand and so yours Competencies in the areas of data protection and expand data security.

He will go into the current encryption methods known to cryptography, Examples name and the theories behind it illuminate. Become central symmetric and asymmetric encryption which are implemented by various encryption algorithms. At special types of encryption like RSA encryption, an example calculation would go beyond the scope.

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Symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption

Some features connect all encryption methods and are also in the theoretical discussions unchangeably established.

  • Plain Text - message or content in the human-readable form. Previously readable by humans, today also machine-readable.
  • Cipher - message the content of which is illegible or content that cannot be executed by a machine.
  • Key - a tool with the help of which the cipher is created from the plain text and which is also used for decryption.

Regardless of whether it is a symmetrical or asymmetrical encryption (or the outdated mono-alphabetical encryption) these terms are used to the important components of encryption to describe and related To illustrate problems. Since letters can be encrypted analogously, the problems of encryption have increased barely changedeven when the circumstances and the tools change further developed to have.

Encryption problems

With different encryption methods, it seems logical that each its specific weaknesses Has. Especially before the asymmetric encryption methods were developed, fundamental problems quickly became apparent that were related to the Transfer of information after encryption related.

One of the most prominent problems in encryption has long been that Key transfer. Because the key both from the sender and from the receiver is required to encrypt or decrypt the information, this had to be also transferred become. That makes the key vulnerable. To address this problem, were interesting techniques developed for key transfer.

So can also be used as a key a continuous text be used. The recipient can then with another edition of the document convert the cipher back into plain text. Well-known works that previously had to serve as keys are, for example: the Bible, "Capital" or the Basic Law.

Alternatively, you can also other media that are published identically in different locations. Nowadays are with the internet countless sources for texts and rooms for key exchange available. Besides, it was made to be exact to address this problemwho developed asymmetric encryption.

Symmetrical encryption methods: one secret, one key

The symmetric encryption used for encryption and decryption same key. This is mathematically linked with the character string to be encrypted. This results in a cryptic stringbehind which the plain text is hidden. These encryption techniques have already been used Letters in the Middle Ages hidden from the eyes of political opponents.

What used to be secret service messages protected, is in the process of encrypting the cloud today.

When it comes to encryption, the Length of the plain text limited to the number of characters in the key. If the application then is simply repeated, a pattern that emerges with everyone further passage can be seen more clearly. The Encryption software counteracts this by the key is changed algorithmically. Without the starting point in Form the correct string can then also be a pattern difficult to determine become.

Symmetric encryption uses, for example:

  • AES encryption
  • DES encryption

Also current is still symmetric encryption used to the Traffic on the Internet to secure. But symmetric encryption can also be used apart from communication on the Internet. So used BitLocker the AES encryption and thus a symmetrical encryption method in order to Secure hard drives.

Asymmetrical encryption method: secret without key exchange

The alternative to using the same key was developed in the 1970s. Asymmetrical encryption methods use a technique that enables the Refrain from exchanging keys. This will also be mathematical functions used only with computers in one reasonable time became predictable.

With so-called Trap door functions is it possible to use a so-called public key to encrypt. After that he's also with that key just in use not clearly decipherable. The amount of possible results of the decryption makes it uneconomicalto try to crack the code that way.

It should be borne in mind that encryption is only due the high computing power from computers is possible. The Applying most of the mathematical methods used would be a task for one person for years.

To get the cipher again convert to plain text, is then a second, private key (private key) necessary. This contains the missing part of the trapdoor function and can do so in decryption a clear result to produce. So that the system is not compromised, the private key must remain secret.

Use asymmetric encryption, for example:

  • PGP encryption
  • RSA encryption

To date, asymmetric encryption counts as most secure encryption method and is used in digital banking. Blockchain technology also uses this encryption.

Set other encryption methods both methods in order to increase security even further through hybrid encryption. It is up to you to decide whether to encrypt the messenger or e-mails. The modern possibilities of encryption enable a diverse application to improve the digital security.

Conclusion on encryption methods

  • Encryption of information has been around since ancient times.
  • The once military procedures are now usable for everyone.
  • Asymmetrical and symmetrical encryption differ when keys are exchanged.
  • Using encryption is getting easier and more user-friendly.
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Encryption: Basic security on the Internet
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