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Gregor Clegane

Are you soft, Clegane? I always thought you had a talent for violence. Burn down the villages and the farms. Let them feel what it means to be on the wrong side.

Gregor Clegane


The mountain
The riding mountain
Tywin Lannister's wild dog
Gregor Clegane, also known as The mountain(The Mountain), is a supporting character in the first and second seasons and from the fourth to the eighth seasons of game of Thrones.

He was initially played by Conan Stevens and first appeared in the fourth episode of the first season. From the second season Stevens was replaced by Ian Whyte. Whyte had played other roles on the series. From the fourth season Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson took over the role.

His most distinctive signs are his immense size, strength and endurance, which allow him to wield a two-handed sword like others a one-handed sword. In addition, Clegane is extremely skilled and agile for a man of his size.

In the series


Ser Gregor Clegane is the head of House Clegane, a vassal house of House Lannisters of the Westlands, which he serves faithfully.

He is the older brother of Sandor Clegane and the two of them hate each other. As a child, Gregor discovered that Sandor had stolen one of his toys without permission. As a punishment, he pressed his little brother's face into the glowing coals of a fireplace, inflicting terrible burns on him.[1]

He prefers to see himself as a knight than a lord, is tall and, according to rumors, the tallest man in all of Westeros. For this reason it is also called "The Riding Mountain" or simply "The Mountain". He is feared in all Seven Kingdoms for his ferocity and cruelty.

Over the years, numerous servants who were in Gregor's service disappeared. He probably killed her himself during one of his notorious tantrums and then covered up the murders. Gregor's own father and sister also died under dubious circumstances, and his brother Sandor suspects that Gregor killed them. Her sister died when Sandor was too young to remember her, and her father died years later in a "hunting accident".

With Tywin Lannister's support, Gregor was made a knight by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. A great honor, even if Gregor was already a dishonorable man. During Robert's Rebellion, a year after he was made a knight by Prince Rhaegar, Gregory took part in the sack of King's Landing. He raped and murdered Rhaegar's wife, Elia Targaryen, after killing her son Aegon.[2]

season 1

Ser Gregor takes part in the tournament held in honor of Eddard Stark's appointment as the new hand of the king. He competes against Ser Hugh and kills the inexperienced knight in front of the terrified crowd. In the stands, KleinfingerSansa Stark tells the story of Sandor's burning, which was inflicted on him by his own brother because he had taken his toys as a child without being asked. He mentions that few people know this story and it would be better for them to keep it to themselves.[3]

Gregor's next opponent is Ser Loras Tyrell, who can defeat him in a lance fight because he rides a sturdy mare that brings Gregor's stallion out of control. Gregor gets up again after falling and demands his sword. He beheads his own horse with a single blow. Then he pulls Loras off his horse and is about to kill him in front of the horrified crowd. His brother Sandor intervenes and fights against Gregor. The king interrupts the fight and demands that the madness end. Gregor leaves the tournament ground, seething with rage, while Sandor is celebrated.[4]

Catelyn Stark captures Tyrion Lannister and charges him with the attempted murder of her son Bran. In return, Gregor is sent to the Riverlands, home of Catelyn, to retaliate. The refugees from the river lands report in King's Landing about the crimes committed by a great knight who is strong enough to cut off the head of a horse with just one blow. Eddard Stark, who acts as the reigning hand and on behalf of the king, sends Ser Beric Dondarrion with 100 men to arrest Gregor. In addition, Gregor is stripped of his titles and lands and sentenced to death. Due to Eddard's arrest and execution, this sentence will never be carried out.[5]

season 2

Arya Stark, Gendry, and Hot Pate are brought to Harrenhal, where the mountain picks a different prisoner each day to torture to death ostensibly for information about the Brotherhood Without Banners. Just as Mount Gendry picks up, Tywin Lannister appears. Surprised, Ser Gregor declares that he did not expect Lord Tywin until the next day. Tywin asks why the prisoners are not in their cells and learns that they are overcrowded. He ends the torture, seeing the murders as a pointless waste of valuable labor, and orders Ser Gregor to bring Arya to him as cupbearer.[6]

After Amory Lorch's death, Tywin believes he was the assassin's target. Ser Gregor explains that he suspects the brotherhood and that he has already hanged 20 men for it. Tywin orders him to kill the members of the Brotherhood. Ser Gregor has to admit, however, that he has problems finding them. Tywin accuses him of being too soft and orders him to burn down the surrounding villages and farms.[7] On his return to Harrenhal, Ser Gregor takes part in a council of war. Tywin decides to leave and leave Ser Gregor with some men on Harrenhal to track down and destroy the Brotherhood. Arya should stay and make sure that the mountain doesn't get drunk all the time.[8]

season 3

By the time Robb Stark and his men reach Harrenhal, Ser Gregor and his men have already disappeared and murdered every single one of the Northmen captured there. Only Qyburn survived.[9] Ser Gregor is held up by Edmure Tully and his troops with great losses. But what turns out to be a strategic mistake, since Robb Stark had Ser Gregor deliberately move into the river lands in order to take him prisoner and so take one of his strongest vassals from Tywin Lannister. However, that was how Ser Gregor escaped.[10]

Season 4

In a conversation with Tyrion Lannister, Oberyn Martell explains that he came to King's Landing to investigate rumors that Ser Gregor murdered his sister and her children and that he suspects Tywin Lannister was the murderer.[11]

The mountain is supposed to compete as champion for Cersei Lannister in the court case of Tyrion Lannister and has to fight against Oberyn Martell, who wants to take revenge.[1]

Gregor Clegane competes with full armor and a two-handed sword, which he could swing effortlessly with one hand due to his strength. Oberyn Martell, on the other hand, only wears light leather armor and uses a spear. The battle between the viper and the mountain is initially dominated by the viper. Gregor Clegane suffers several injuries and in the end is beaten on the ground. But Oberyn Martell, who had the opportunity to kill the mountain, underestimated Clegane's strength and insists that Cleganes still confess his crimes. His arrogance makes Oberyn careless. The mountain brings down Prince Oberyn Martell in a careless moment and finally kills him with its enormous strength by crushing his head with his bare hands. He admits the murder of Elia Martell and her two children Aegon and Rhaenys and looks at Tywin as the client before he collapses next to the dead Oberyn.[12]

After the fight, the mountain is brought to Grand Maester Pycelle in order to save his life, which unfortunately looks very bad because the poisoned blade of Oberyn has almost killed him. Pycelle suggests poppy juice as the only measure. He recognizes the poison as a manticore poison, whereby Qyburn limits it even more precisely to the skull manticore. Cersei finds Pycelle incapable and transfers the task to Qyburn, who sees a slim chance for him, but Cersei warns that Gregor will never be the same again if his intervention is effective. He sticks several needles with tubes into Gregor's body and withdraws his blood. Cersei asks if he would be as strong as before, about which Qyburn leaves no doubt. She then allowed him to have treatment.[13]

Season 5

Gregor is still in the custody of Qyburn, who briefs Cersei on the welfare of Gregor Clegane. After she leaves, Gregor starts up under the sheet, but Qyburn mumbles in his direction that he should stay calm.[14]

After Cersei Lannister's atonement, Qyburn presents her with a new member of the Kingsguard, Clegane. He wears armor that envelops him from head to toe and only reveals his reddened eyes and the purple skin around them. He wraps Cersei in a blanket and picks her up. According to Qyburn, Gregor took an oath that would not allow him to speak until all evil has been banished from the world and all enemies of Tommen Baratheon have been defeated.[15]

Season 6

Ser Gregor Clegane serves as a bodyguard for Cersei Lannister. He is present on the beach when Cersei learns of Jaime and Myrcella's return and rushes there to greet them.[16]

When a common man brags that he showed her his gender during Cersei's penance and that she liked it, Gregor intercepts him and smashes his skull against a wall. With the man's blood on his armor, he comes to accompany Cersei to Myrcella. However, they are stopped by a whole squad of Lannister soldiers, and Cersei decides against getting past the soldiers with Gregor's help, which makes them visibly easier.[17]

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