How is the procedure for the tender

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Find out about contract notices in the tender media. If you would like to take part in a competition, submit an application to the registration office to participate in the competition. Certain evidence or documents may also be required.

The registration office evaluates the applications. When the registry has selected you, they will ask you to submit a bid. They will send you the tender documents for this purpose. The client is not obliged to ask all suitable companies that have submitted an application to submit an offer.

When preparing an offer, you must observe various formal and content-related requirements, for example:

  • the legally binding signature of the offer,
  • timely compliance with the deadline,
  • the complete entry of the requested prices,
  • the declarations and evidence required by the client without any gaps.

Danger: You are not allowed to change the contract documents!

You must submit the edited tender documents in the prescribed form. You can find out in the tender documents whether the documents are to be submitted using other than electronic means. Tender documents submitted by post or personally must be signed, in a sealed envelope and labeled accordingly.

The registry opens the offers after the offer period has expired. It checks bids received properly and on time according to the following criteria:

  • Completeness,
  • technical correctness and
  • arithmetic correctness.

With a few exceptions, you will receive the award in writing. The award is also considered to be the conclusion of a contract. The registration office will also inform you if you do not receive the award. After the execution of a restricted invitation to tender without a participation competition with an order value of 25,000 euros or more, the client informs on his website or on internet portals about the award. The commissioned company is also named here.