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External genitalia of the woman

The clitoris, also known as the clitoris, is a complex excitable organ and has an essential function with regard to a woman's sexuality and during orgasm. The clitoris is an organ made of cavernous tissue that other female mammals have.

In contrast to the male penis, only a small part of the clitoris is externally visible, while the majority of the organ lies inside the pelvis.

The clitoris comprises a complex system of nerves and erectile tissue: the erectile tissue is extensive and in pairs. It includes two clitoral legs and two onion-shaped cavernous bodies. The two legs are 6–9 cm long and extend deep into the pelvis, starting from the clitoral shaft at the tip of which the clitoral glans sits. The small glans of the clitoris can be visible or hidden behind a fold of the labia minora. The two onion-shaped cavernous bodies cling to the front wall of the vagina in places and elastically enclose the vaginal vestibule.

A few centimeters below the clitoris is the opening of the urethra, the exit of the urinary bladder. Underneath is the vaginal entrance, the outer area of ​​the vagina. There are numerous glandular exits there. In the case of sexual arousal, in addition to the formation of fluid caused by increased blood flow to the vagina, a secretion is secreted which moisten the vaginal entrance (lubrication).