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Hello everybody,

I am selling my motorcycle on ebay classifieds. A woman Monika K. from Poland quickly found herself who would like to buy the motorcycle at the set price. I am puzzled that the contact does not go directly through ebay ... even that Ms. K. did not negotiate. Since I'm new to the platform and therefore inexperienced and unsettled. My gut feeling tells me "hands off!"

The mail traffic is listed below:


Oh what a nice ride you have there .. I am satisfied with the price and condition and would arrange transportation to my house in Kraków (Poland) but I would pay through PayPal as it is new, fast and secure How to send the money to your bank account without revealing our bank details ... You can easily sign up for a PayPal account by going to paypal. So if you accept my offer, you can send me your PayPal account details for payment.

Surname :

PayPal Email:

Mobile number :

Total cost of the product:

Send me the above details or send me a PayPal money request at monikakmiec89 @ so I can proceed with transferring the amount to your PayPal account. Then we can arrange for my carrier to come to pick it up. The money has been added to your account. I also need your home address so that pick up can be arranged.


Monika ...

On Sun, May 10, 2020 at 11:47 AM André Hennen wrote:

Hello Mrs. Kmiec,

I bought the motorcycle new at the time, so there are no previous owners. The last inspection was in 2018 and new tires were fitted. HU & AU were made this week on May 7th, 2020, without any complaints.

The checkbook has been lost due to the move.

Of course, the machine shows minor signs of wear. Only a small stone chip on the side is a bit more noticeable. Accident and accident free.

The machine has hardly been driven over the period. Almost everyone with age has run double.

Price 3550 € negotiable

With best regards

André Hennen


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Monika Kmiec wrote on May 10th, 2020, 12:32 pm


Thank you for your reply. I am interested in buying the motorcycle, but how long have you owned it, when was it last checked for defects and are there any visible scratches or defects on the bodywork? And how much do you want for the motorcycle? You can also send some additional photos of the motorcycle and / or receipts showing the current maintenance history.

stay healthy

Monika ...