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Author:Ueli Steck

The next step - after every mountain I'm a different one



(ISBN-10: 3890294065)
Status:like New
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Format:220x138x32 mm
Weight:520 g
Place:Munich - Berlin
Publisher's text:Most recently, mountaineer Ueli Steck set a new speed record through the Eiger north face, climbed all 82 four-thousand-meter peaks in the Alps within 62 days and conquered the Annapurna south face in 28 hours single-handedly. But the dramatic events of the past few years have changed him: The conflict on Mount Everest and the avalanche disaster on Shisha Pangma have shaken his perception and at the same time caused him to rethink. After a period of retreat, he rediscovered the joy of climbing. In this book, the exceptional alpinist not only describes his spectacular recent successes, but also describes how he experienced and dealt with the drastic incidents - and thus provides honest insights into his world of thought.
Keywords:Autobiography, mountaineer, mountain, mountaineering, extreme mountaineering, speed mountaineering, speed record, speed, crisis, conflict, solo effort, alpinist, exceptional alpinist, exceptional athlete, success, incidents, border crossing, borderline experience, mountaineering career
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Books: Sport and Hobby: Alpinism

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