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iPhone : "Usually people hate their phone"

Berlin - Steve Jobs doesn't have to do much to ignite a thunderstorm of flashlights: raise your hands as if receiving a message from above, a smile, a blink through the rimless glasses. "I'm happy to be in Berlin," says the founder and boss of Apple. As usual in jeans, sneakers and a black turtleneck, Jobs announced on Wednesday lunchtime in the capital city of Telekom what everyone expected: Germany's largest mobile operator T-Mobile will be the exclusive sales partner for the iPhone, the multifunctional phone from Apple. From November 9th, it will be available in Telekom shops for 399 euros (including a two-year contract). That is almost 110 euros more than in the USA.

Details about tariffs will not be revealed on Wednesday. "These will be announced shortly before the start in November," says T-Mobile boss Hamid Akhavan. He also doesn't want to say anything about the terms of the contract between Apple and T-Mobile and a sales forecast for the iPhone. Instead, three commercials for the iPhone with the T-Mobile logo are shown. First of all, everyone should be happy that “surprise guest” Steve Jobs is there and that Apple has chosen “Germany's best mobile communications company”. Unlike in Great Britain, where Jobs announced the exclusive distribution with T-Mobile competitor O2 on Tuesday.

The host of the Berlin Steve Jobs Show, Telekom boss René Obermann, shares the joy - despite the allegedly generous revenue share that he had to give Apple for the exclusive sale of the iPhone. Obermann watches the presentation in the first row, not in jeans and sneakers, but in a dark blue suit. Not a word from him. The stage belongs to the living icon of computer construction, the inventor of the iPod. With the MP3 player, which Apple has sold 110 million times, Jobs took Apple out of its niche in the PC market and made the company the market leader in electronic music distribution. Three billion songs have been sold through the iTunes online portal since it was launched five years ago. The iPhone should push the numbers up further.

"The iPhone is the best iPod we have ever made," says the Apple boss. But this device can also make phone calls, it offers the "fastest Internet for your pocket" and software that is more extensive than in any other cell phone. One million iPhones were sold in the United States in 74 days. Jobs goes unmentioned that the price also had to be reduced by $ 200 because the sale was probably not as tumultuous as expected. He charmingly spreads optimism: A customer survey showed that 95 percent are happy or very happy with the iPhone. “That's unusual, people usually hate their phone.” The press should love it and later be allowed to play on test devices. Telekom plays a song by U2: "Beautiful Day". Henrik Mortsiefer

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