The Telugu language dies

Apple: Exotic letter paralyzes iPhones

Tech bloggers report a curious bug in Apple's mobile operating system iOS: Apparently a single, exotic character can be used in text messages Crash iPhones. There is concern about how some users deal with this information.

A character in the Indian Telugu language can cause devices to crash in iOS systems and access to the messaging app is no longer possible. This is reported by the tech magazine "The Verge" and refers to a corresponding error message sent to Apple, which had previously been picked up in Italian tech blogs.

The error occurs as soon as the character is used in text messages. For example, the receipt of a corresponding message can cause the cell phone to crash. In an attempt to load the letter, the app freezes and the springboard that manages the iPhone's home screen crashes.

According to its own information, the tech magazine "The Verge" was able to reproduce the error on several devices, including Apple Watches. The method works with the iMessage and the iOS version of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook and Gmail. The problem does not exist with Skype and Telegram.

Here's how to fix the problem

Applications also crash in the Safari browser when the character appears in messages. Under MacOS, however, the consequences are less dramatic because the computer continues to work. In some cases, however, mobile devices shut down automatically or have to be switched to maintenance mode and restarted in order to be usable again.

Users only regain access to their messaging apps once the "toxic" message has been deleted or overwritten. This can be done, for example, via a web application. In some cases, the sender can also withdraw or overwrite the message by sending a second message.

Please, dont't try that!

Telugu is one of India's 22 national languages. It is spoken by around 74 million people. It is no longer a secret which symbol is making this language famous around the world: on some blogs and forums, the "text bomb" is already being passed around as a kind of joke article. Instructions are circulating on how to use it to "play a trick" on your friends.

The problem should be resolved with the next update to iOS 11.3, a beta version is already on its way. For Apple, however, the bug is part of a breakdown series. Several security problems had just been fixed with iOS version 11.2.5. Among other things, it was about another "text bomb" that was up to mischief via a link in the social networks. Again, clicking on the link caused the cell phone to crash.