What is the average salary of day traders

Daytrader earnings

You are playing with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčearning your earnings like a day trader and now you are wondering how high the day trader's earnings are. Let's find out!


Day trading is a job like any other! But still worlds better ;-). In this job you can determine your own wages! You can determine 100 percent of the income you generate through your day trading.

And as if that weren't enough advantages, you can generate and access your day trader earnings anywhere in the world (as long as you have an Internet connection).

Since day trading is now possible via a simple internet connection - in an emergency, depending on the trading system, even over the phone - you are not tied to a specific location and can even generate your income on the beach.


What is the day trader's earnings?

As I said above, you are responsible for your day trading salary. That's 100 percent true, but it's not as easy as it seems at first glance.

So before I give you specific figures, you should know a thing or two about day trading. Basically, you can trade almost any financial product. These include CFDs, foreign exchange (Forex), warrants, certificates, stocks, commodities and many more. So you should decide which funding is most convenient for you and where you feel most comfortable.

Depending on the situation, you have to work your way into the topic more closely and learn how to make a profit through day trading. You can also attend specialist literature or (video) courses or seminars. You can of course also go the long way and laboriously collect the knowledge via the Internet. From my own experience I can say that this path is very rocky and you will find it difficult to find a coherent system with which you can make money with trading.


Now let's get to the merit:

With the daytrader income it looks like this ... You can make a few hundred euros a month, a day or even in a few seconds. Here, too, I speak from my own experience, as I've already experienced moments in which I briefly earned over 3,000 euros in less than 15 minutes (with a capital of around 15,000 euros). Unfortunately, things quickly went in the opposite direction.

Your day trader earnings therefore depend on your willingness to take risks, your skills and the capital you invest.


A basic rule states:

"Only risk 1-3 percent of your capital per trade!"


If you act according to this basic rule, you can easily calculate your monthly income yourself.


Example earnings of a day trader (beginner):

So let's assume that you want to start day trading and start with a capital of 10,000 euros. You regularly invest 1.5 percent of your capital. You make profits, but you also regularly make losses. So what could such an income look like?

Important: We assume that you have 50 percent losing trades and 50 percent winning trades. But you always get out at a 1.5 percent loss if the course is not going in your direction, but you only get out when you have made 3 percent (twice as much as the stake) profit.


1st trade: 10,000 euros start-up capital / you make 3% profit / new capital: 10,300 euros

2nd trade: 10,300 euros start-up capital / you make a 1.5% loss / new capital stock: 10,145 euros

3rd trade: 10,145 euros starting capital / you make a 1.5% loss / new capital: 9,992 euros

4th trade: 9,992 euros start-up capital / you make a 1.5% loss / new capital stock: 9,842 euros

5th trade: 9,842 euros starting capital / you make 3% profit / new capital: 10,137 euros

6. Trade: 10,137 euros start-up capital / you make 3% profit / new capital: 10,441 euros

7th trade: 10,441 euros starting capital / you make a 1.5% loss / new capital: 10,284 euros

8. Trade: 10,284 euros start-up capital / you make a 1.5% loss / new capital: 10,130 euros

9th trade: 10,130 euros start-up capital / you make 3% profit / new capital: 10,434 euros

10. Trade: 10,434 euros start-up capital / You make 3% profit / New capital stock: 10,747 euros


Result: With 5 losing trades and 5 winning trades, you still earned EUR 747. This sum can be earned in the day or in a week. Depending on this, your income will change accordingly.

ATTENTION: Unfortunately, the state is also removing its trading taxes from us! So note that the profit should not be spent immediately.

Now you will also realize how important it is that your winning trades are always higher than your winning trades. So over time you HAVE to make a profit and your day trader wages will keep increasing.