How is life in Guam

Guam & the Northern Mariana Islands - on the trail of island life

Guam and the northern Marianas form part of the Mariana Archipelago and are particularly popular with American tourists due to their cultural proximity to the USA. But European globetrotters are also discovering the Pacific island more and more frequently and are getting back on the trail of the original island life.

Geography - The United States in the Pacific

The Northern Mariana Islands and Guam Island are part of the Mariana Islands, are administratively and politically in association with the USA. That's why they do Official language also English and the currency of U.S. dollar. Together the islands cover an area of ​​1022 km². The 16 islands of the northern Mariana Islands extend over an area of ​​over 500 kilometers. The largest islands are Saipan, Tinian and Rota. The island of Guam is even larger than all the islands of the northern Mariana Islands combined. The capital is Guams Hagatna. However, significantly more residents live in Dededo.

Nature - underwater world ocean

Especially the nature Unfortunately, Guams suffered a lot under the occupation of the USA. Numerous animal and plant species have been exterminated, only a few Bird species stayed. Only the underwater world could be in its original state Beauty and diversity have been preserved so far. But this property is also very fragile and needs to be protected. There are now efforts that Flora and fauna to rebuild on the islands.

Culture - an eventful past

The northern Mariana Islands were once the great explorer Magellan who landed there with his European ships. However, his judgment was not very flattering, as the indigenous population was only too happy to see the strange ships up close and one or the other ship object has disappeared. Magellan then aptly named the islands "Thieves' islands". In the course of history, the Pacific islands have passed through many hands. Spain, France, Germany - almost every great power rose Expectations on the area. The islands are now in free association with the USA. Guam is mostly through the American Air Force Base Anderson Air Force Base known.

Activities - beach and sea

As on so many islands, leisure here is primarily about that sea. Fishing, swimming, water sports and sunbathing are very popular here with both locals and visitors.


Both Guam and the islands of the Northern Mariana Islands is English the official language. Nevertheless, tourists should be prepared for the fact that a large part of the population prefers to communicate in one of the island's languages. That is why it is appropriate beforehand polite ask if English is spoken.

In Guam as well as on the islands of the Northern Mariana Islands, travelers will find a destination to Relax and dream. The interesting mix of island ambience and American Cultural influences make the islands very attractive for those interested in culture.