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Ho Chi Minh City (IGS)

The International German School Ho Chi Minh City (IGS) is an intercultural learning location and is open to children of all nationalities. It belongs to the network of German schools abroad and

is an IB World School.

In addition to the various school levels, the IGS has a U6 area with a crèche, kindergarten and preschool. The German-English program of the IGS encourages the learners to think creatively and solution-oriented, to act independently, actively and respectfully and to appreciate cultural differences.

German curricula

With German curricula as the basis for teaching, connection to the educational systems in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other international programs is guaranteed. An international university entrance qualification enables you to study at recognized universities around the world

Bilingual program

While the main lessons are in German, subjects such as art, sports, swimming, ICT or geography are taught in English. In addition, the IGS offers Vietnamese for native speakers as well as French as a foreign language from grade 6.

Small study groups

In small learning groups it is possible to tailor the lessons to the needs of the learners.

Green campus

On the villa campus, surrounded by palm trees, colorful flowers and tropical greenery, the children experience a particularly stimulating, natural atmosphere and learn with their heads, hands and hearts.

Early science education

The IGS promotes natural history exploration as early as kindergarten. The focus is on developing perceptual skills, analytical thinking and environmental awareness.

Intercultural learning place

Schoolchildren from 19 nations are currently studying at the IGS. Developing ideas together in a cultural exchange allows our learners to grow naturally into global citizens.

Native speaking teachers

Our qualified teachers are native speakers with certified qualifications who see themselves as “Learning Facilitators”.

Creativity and responsibility

Creativity is the currency of the future and at the same time the prerequisite for adapting flexibly to a changing world. The promotion of creativity and a sense of responsibility for oneself and the environment are central profile focal points at the IGS.

Crèche, kindergarten and preschool for the under six year olds

The primary level (elementary school) comprises grades 1 to 4.

Secondary level I consists of grades 5 to 10. It gradually grows up to secondary level II to grade 12.

Diverse working groups and extracurricular activities

We would like to make our experiences with igs_online and some recommendations available to other schools.

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Dates and holidays at a glance: school calendar

Safely with the school bus to the IGS

Many students use the school bus. The children are conveniently picked up right in front of the front door and reach the IGS on time together with their friends. At 4:20 p.m., our school buses leave the campus and return to your home. You can then receive your young and old again stress-free and let them tell you about the day in a relaxed atmosphere. All buses are accompanied by our bus assistants who can be reached at any time by phone.

A good education needs a strong team

  • In 2020 our son Valentin attended the IGS-HCMC in the second half of the 7th grade while I was working at the HCMC University of Transport as part of a research collaboration. Unfortunately, all schools in Vietnam were closed on the first day of school due to the risk of COVID-19 infection. With amazing energy and within just two days, the teachers at IGS-HCMC switched to online classes. In a very short time they created an effective and flexible learning environment.
    Valentin attended online classes from home for three months. During this time he met neither his classmates nor his teachers personally. Nevertheless, Valentin enjoyed the time very much. The teachers were admirably motivated, creative, and dedicated in helping students become familiar with online school, the English language, homework, virtual class lessons, team assignments, and even online sports, music, and art classes.
    Nevertheless, we were happy when the children were allowed to go to school again in the last 2 months. At the end of our family stay in Ho Chi Minh City and when Vietnam Airlines started offering flights to Germany again at the end of June, Valentin said: May I please stay at the IGS-HCMC for another year!
    We couldn't have put it better as parents.

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Bargstädt, Bauhaus University Weimar
  • The German School in Ho Chi Minh City is very important to us. It allows both children who live here permanently and children who may only live here for a few years to stay in the German school system and at the same time learn internationally.
    For example, for my children, who will only be in Ho Chi Minh City for four years, it is the opportunity to be taught here in an international environment not only in German, but also in English, and then back to German again Change school system.

    German Consul General, Dr Josefine Wallat
  • The German School and now the start of the first IB course are very important for Saigon as a business location. We are thereby increasing the attractiveness of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam in general, but also for foreign companies to settle there.

    Consul General of Switzerland, Martin Maier
  • “Our daughter was at the IGS for two years: 1st and 2nd grade. We appreciated the clear size of this German school abroad and experienced the school not only as a place of learning, but also as a meeting place for the whole family. People met there to pick up the children, at various school parties and at lectures or seminars. Vietnamese, German as well as children and parents of other nationalities created an international atmosphere.
    In the meantime we are back in Germany and the connection to the local 3rd class went smoothly in all subjects. The swimming lessons, for example, should be emphasized, which are more intensive at the IGS than at most schools in Germany. Furthermore, the many musical experiences with the school choir not only on the school stage, but also at public events in the university or in the Saigon Zoo, or at the year-end concert in the SMPAA, where the parent-teacher choir together with the school choir and the Brazilian singer Cristina Marques performed.
    “A cool school”, as our daughter fondly remembers her.
    She had a good time there - and so do we parents. "

    Dr. Martina Merklinger, Chairwoman of the Parents' Council for the 2016/2017 school year
  • “Two years ago we made the decision to transfer Adrian (11) and Angelica (8) to the International German School HCMC (IGS) after years at another international school. There were many concerns about learning German as a fourth language after Vietnamese, English and Mandarin. Fortunately, the IGS offered an intensive summer course that helped overcome the leap into the deep end. At that time I was amazed how much both of them had learned after only three months. Our daughter in particular was afraid of being torn out of existing friendships, of not being able to understand sufficiently to follow the lessons, etc. Adrian was less of a concern. After initial language difficulties, German language skills were still a bit bumpy at the end of the first year, but already quite good. During the second year Angelica obviously felt at home in the language - because of her own accord, she spoke German to me. And now, after the end of the second year, both are quite fluent - to my positive astonishment, considerably better than I had ever expected so quickly. Adrian also managed to get a good intermediate level in French. We can all be proud of Adrian and Angelica's linguistic achievements - thanks to the great support of the IGS teachers - MANY THANKS. "

  • “The IGS deservedly secured its place in a competitive environment and acquired an excellent reputation within the German-speaking community. A motivated and committed management team is constantly developing the school. This offers the students a harmonious and educational environment. The IGS lives and communicates important values ​​and enables individual, contemporary school support at a high level. "

    Othmar Hardegger, Swiss Consul General
  • “My son Jonathan visited the IGS in 2015 during my professional assignment. The school year at IGS is one of his best school experiences. The high standard of learning and the excellent support from the motivated and committed teachers have had a lasting positive effect on Jonny. His school performance has improved significantly overall (especially in English). “The teachers have a lot more time and patience to explain the subject matter to you,” Jonny still enthuses today. This is what school should ideally be like. The class trip to Đà Lạt and the coffee plant project represented the grand finale of his school year. The coffee will be ready in six years, then Jonny will come back for the harvest at the latest. Jonny has been back in Berlin since 2016 Sophie-Scholl School. His first way in the autumn vacation 2016 led to the IGS to visit friends and teachers. "

  • “I wanted a school for my children where independent, lateral and unusual thinking is not only allowed, but is explicitly encouraged. A school that offers a safe and secure space outside the home. A place where you can try things out and which is not only academic but also unites all the senses. A school that understands that you don't just learn at the desk, but even when you move away from it. If you want all this - and more - for your child, you can stop looking: your children are at the right address at IGS. The worry that the re-entry in Germany might not work is also unfounded - the transition went smoothly for both of me. "

    Regina Werner, Foreign Office
  • “The principle of language activation uses both theory and experience from daily school and teaching practice at the IGS. The active work on the term is supported by language-sensitive methods.
    Science teaching is a focus at the IGS. This gives very high priority to the formation of terms and technical communication, especially in the acquisition of a second language. "

The IGS is an officially funded German school abroad recognized by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. It belongs to the global network of German schools abroad and is a member of the World Association of German Schools Abroad.

This German-Vietnamese school is sponsored by the Education and Crafts Foundation, which is based in Germany and currently has 240 national and international educational locations.