A fascist technocracy could work

What is fascism

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On Robert Soucy's list: many of the points (almost all of them?) Apply to a great many non- or partially democratic systems.

Perhaps it is a bit distorting that I have given his list with only translated keywords (the concepts are explained in more detail under the link provided). There are some points that I believe actually apply to many authoritarian regimes. This does not surprise me, since the fascist regimes were like that too. I still see a lot of demarcation from any number of authoritarian systems.


The question of why (historical) fascist movements emerged may help us, which is why I prefer Eco's approach.

It's interesting that you prefer Eco's approach after all, because in the end I left it out because of its generality.

You can define things how you want. The main question is how functional a definition is. It is best to grind them appropriately in long discussions.

In this sense, it is perhaps best to limit the definition to historical fascism and then to use individual elements as comparative categories. Even in the historical examples, for example, Gentile's points are not always prominently prominent.

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This post is an attempt to differentiate a discussion and to stimulate thought. The fact that you come in with an argumentative steamroller doesn't help.

(Incidentally, the National Socialists leaned against Sparta. See Laconophilia).

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Thanks. And please.

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One could actually deduce a lot from this. I wonder if this would also be so obvious if the same saying were presented for interpretation to someone who has never heard of fascism. Much is probably only evident in retrospect.

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Of course, individual criteria do not define the system. The more they accumulate in a worldview, the more one should ask oneself questions.

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On the politically left side, of course, one tries to work with a concept of fascism, which excludes that leftists can be fascists.

I think it is quite clear that what is being tried here is exactly the opposite: to move the concept away from a political battle term.

The fact that fascism came from the corner that is usually defined as “right” cannot be changed any more than that Stalinism grew out of a Marxist approach. Alone therefore, “left” or “right” positions are not automatically wrong.

But I would make the difference between people who can see this and those who only complain that “their side” is being attacked.