Why is corporate accounting a difficult topic

Polarized cost management in healthcare


When it comes to health care in connection with the term cost management, emotions quickly boil. The suspicion is quickly expressed that savings are being made in the wrong places and that the patient is receiving poorer treatment.

In his foreword, Andreas Frodl describes: “Cost management is a difficult topic in the healthcare sector. It is often discussed emotionally or even taboo for ethical reasons. From a business point of view, it is not at all about considering patients, treatment methods or medical staff as cost factors. Rather, it is important to have effective, sustainable cost control in the health sector so that the greatest possible economic leeway is maintained for the best possible medical care. Business administration offers a wide range of tools for this:

· Cost accounting types,

· Procedures for cost control and

· Methods to reduce costs on the basis of health accounting. "

In his book “Cost Management and Accounting in Health Care”, Andreas Frodl describes the peculiarities of corporate accounting, corporate cost and income accounting, cost control and - a sensitive topic in public - the possibility of how costs can be reduced. But only if a health company keeps an eye on its expenditure and questions it again and again can it be successful in the long term.