What counts as rape in a relationship

What are the consequences of rape?

The consequences of rape are different for every woman.

But sexual violence always means:
A woman's boundaries are badly violated.

After the fact, the women are often in shock.
Nothing is like it was before.
The women are paralyzed.
Many women are all confused.
You are trying to understand what happened.

It looks different for every woman.

  • Some women break down.
  • They cry and cannot get up.
  • Other women look very calm.
  • They act like nothing happened.
  • Many cannot talk about what happened to them.
  • Even later, the women are often confused.

Your feelings are also all mixed up.
You may feel:

  • disgust
  • anxiety
  • Anger and hatred
  • Sadness

Many women are injured for a long time.
They lose their courage and their self-confidence.
You don't feel comfortable in your body.
They don't want sex or closeness to other people.

You feel ashamed and blame yourself.

All of this is often made worse by other people.
Often women are not believed.

Or friends and acquaintances don't understand
how the woman feels now.

The consequences of rape are very different: Fear:

  • The woman no longer dares to leave the house.
    The woman may be afraid of being alone.
    The woman may be afraid of other people.
  • Sleep disorders and bad dreams.
  • The woman may feel dirty.
    She has to wash over and over again.
    There is nothing she can do about it.
  • Alcohol addiction, pill addiction or drug addiction.
  • Perhaps the woman thinks about the rape often.
    Sometimes the memories come all of a sudden.
    Then the woman experiences the rape in her head again.
  • The woman may be very sad.
  • Maybe the woman wants to kill herself.
  • Eating disorder.
  • Problems with sex.

Rape often changes women's lives too.

  • You may break up with your partner.
  • Maybe the woman has children.
    Then the children also suffer when the mother is badly off.
  • The women often don't do anything with other people anymore.
    They lose their friends and acquaintances.
  • Some women also lose their jobs.
  • You may need to move to another apartment.
  • Many women want to cope with rape on their own, but it is very difficult.
  • Many women take a long time before they can accept help from professionals.


Women get help from the women's advice and specialist centers in Kiel and the women's advice center in Plön.
The employees are well trained.
You can help women
if they have been raped.