Who are the ancestors of the Mongols

Mongolia from 970 to 1206 - The Mongol tribes

The Mongols are a very ancient civilization. Chinese historians confirm the existence of the Mongols from the 10th century. At that time the Mongols lived in East Asia, Central Asia and northern Manchuria. Legend has it that the ancestors of the Mongols were gray wolves and hinds. The first Mongol to be discovered is Bodonchar. He lived around 970.

His descendants became the kings of Mongolia, but it was only a title. Many of the Mongol tribes and troops had their own leaders, and as with any divided unit, the Mongols had a regional political system. Power in Central Asia belonged to the Jurchen dynasty. The Jurchen often attacked the nomads to keep them away from their borders.

The Mongol kings defended their territories unsuccessfully because the tribes fought separately from each other. The man who knew a solution to this problem was named Temuujin. He was born in 1162 and later became famous under the title Genghis Khan. His mother's name was Yesugei and was a relative of the then Khan. When Temuujin was 10 years old, Tatars poisoned his father. All of his relatives gave up the family, and his widowed mother had to raise Temuujin and five siblings alone. Temuujin was the oldest and was therefore head of the family. When he was 20 years old, he managed to have a group of partisans faithfully follow him.

In 1185 the great assembly of the Mongol nobles declared Temuujin Khan of Mongolia and gave him the title of Genghis. Even if the main leaders perceived him as a Genghis, he still had to face the great opposition and prove himself in military actions. However, he suffered defeat and went into exile. After his exile, he had few supporters. Around 1193 Genghis managed to become the leader of Central Asia. He subdued his opponents and overthrew his rivals. Eventually he began to unite the Mongolian troops and so unite the nation.

In 1206, Genghis was elected leader of Mongolia by the great Mongol congregation and was known as Genghis Khan from then on.

1206 is the year the Mongolian state was founded. Genghis Khan instituted a codified law to replace nomadic habits. He also reorganized the armies and changed taxes and state administrations. He also introduced the Mongolian alphabet, which was derived from the Uighur script.