Why does Yoda use a stick

Why does Yoda need a walking stick when he's so skillful and agile with the lightsaber?

In essence, it's because he's an "old man" by nature. His speed and agility in combat are the result of the use of force. Ataru, Form IV, and the lightsaber shape that Yoda used canonically in the Legends canon harness the power to encourage that speed and athleticism.

By allowing the Force to flow through their bodies, they were able to overcome their physical limitations - including age, as was the case with Master Yoda - and perform amazing acrobatic feats such as somersaults and backflips not only to attack but also to execute Dodge the slashes and strikes of their opponents.

The Disney canon has not explained it to my knowledge, but the fact that Yoda appears frail and leans on his walking stick both times when he finishes the fight suggests that his ability to promote that athleticism is limited and probably straining his body.

John Bell

Yoda became one with the force before he died, so I would agree that it sharpens the force that enables him to be such a skilled fighter.


@ JonofAllTrades I would actually consider this comment "the" answer and should probably be part of this or your own answer! This is the same Yoda who advised Anakin to let go of personal desires. The desire for a healthy body is likely something that Yoda gave up a long time ago. Although he won't do it for himself, he would still do it to maintain "balance in strength" (also known as: for the good side ).

Cort Ammon

I vividly remember a quote from a Special Ops man about why they don't drive their dune buggies to the max on the way. “We don't want to use up the vehicle when we don't need it. We want to have as much vehicle as possible when the time counts.” Yoda's behavior seems to be similar. Why put so much effort into using the power to look young when there is no benefit? Make the effort to do so when the advantage is there (such as when you need to stop a Sith).