How do I get jobs in Ireland

  • 05.03.2010, 01:02 Working as a Swiss in Ireland ?! # 1

    Working as a Swiss in Ireland ?!

    Are there any Swiss people in the forum who work in Ireland?

    I've been hanging around here for a few hours and found out that apparently all of them are German or ösis, i.e. belong to the EU.

    How does it look for us Swiss with the work permit in Ireland?

    Thank you for your help!

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    You poor don't do this to yourself. I came to Switzerland from Ireland via Austria. I can only advise you one thing. Love Ireland, but don't live there.
    I am very satisfied in your home country and apart from a few stupid people (who are everywhere) I like it very much.
    If you start with the payment and the prices, then that would be a point where I would rather opt for Switzerland. Here the wage / price ratio is still right.
    Unfortunately there is no proper Guinness here but I'll allow myself that on my next vacation in Ireland.

    Grüzi from Graubünden.

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    Re: Working as a Swiss in Ireland ?!

    Quote by RicoB

    How does it look for us Swiss with the work permit in Ireland?

    Switzerland is in the EEA -

  • 05.03.2010, 12:28 As Swiss work in Ireland ?! # 4

    Hello RicoB

    Yes, there are also Swiss people. I am from Valais and have lived / worked in Ireland for 4 years.

    Contact me if you have any questions.

    Warm wishes


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    thanks for the link. thanks to the bilateral agreements, we now seem to be on an equal footing with eu citizens in matters of free movement of persons. great thing.

    the guinness really has something But I'll give you a tip because you're already hanging out in my canton. have a look at toms beer box in chur if you want a freshly tapped guinness!
    in any case, switzerland is a country where milk and honey flow ... nevertheless it is getting more and more difficult to find a job here too. not least since the economic crisis and since then over 250,000 germans have been working in switzerland. a good 4 million people live in german-speaking switzerland. a good every tenth employee in german-speaking part of Switzerland is now a german. imagine this in ireland. anyway, i guess i drifted a bit. Nevertheless, these are still interesting numbers.

    i have been looking for a new job for almost 2 years. I am 29 years old. I studied and had 5 years of work experience, including 2 years in a managerial position. I don't care to work in a call center. the main thing is to work. it goes without saying that not everything is rosy in ireland. i know ireland from over 20 visits and have gained work experience in egypt and asia and know what it feels like to be a guest worker yourself.

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    Re: Working as a Swiss in Ireland ?!

    Well, I don't want to be a know-it-all, but Switzerland is NOT in the EEA. Nevertheless, working in Ireland is no more difficult for us Swiss than it is for EU citizens, thanks to the Schengen-Dublin Agreement.


    I only work part-time as I'm actually here in Dublin for my studies, but I haven't had any problems so far.

    I come from the Basel region and have been here for a little longer than half a year now.

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    I don't want to be a know-it-all, but Switzerland IS in the EEA:

    The 32 member countries include the 27 European Union Member States together with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

    But what is the Schengen-Dublin Agreement? If you mean the Schengen Agreement, Ireland has NOT signed it:

    Ireland and the United Kingdom opted out of Schengen's border control arrangements, while participating in certain provisions relating to judicial and police cooperation.

  • 05.03.2010, 23:32 Working as a Swiss in Ireland ?! # 8th

    nice that there are other swiss here after all. and lo and behold you look at the glass as if it were full. dia dütscha gsend schu dia very ziit everything negative .. really bad!

    what can you do besides bi? häsch de job gschwind gfunda gha? and how bisch about the job cho ??

    am mr on überlega obi just once en monet söll over cho and then on site luaga. and if you don't find gangi easy to go back to zrugg.

    sweet gfallts dr demfall z ireland?

    Thank you very much for your research. all the better when switzerland is a member

  • 06.03.2010, 00:03 Working as a Swiss in Ireland ?! # 9

    Hello Swiss

    My grandma was Swiss from St Gallen.
    There are job agencies in Dublin who are desperately looking for real Swiss people for call centers that only serve the Swiss market!
    Just guggling. See you again dear Swiss Landslit

  • 06.03.2010, 00:22 Working as a Swiss in Ireland ?! # 10

    hey babe
    great, that sounds great !! best thanks for the tip

    then I'll try to find something for swiss german

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    @ Krumel

    Thank you for your (well-intentioned) research. However, we have to define which EEA we are talking about, because when I looked at your link I had to realize that the abbreviation EEA has several meanings.

    Since we were talking about the free movement of people and work permits, I have chosen (for me) the most obvious version EEA = European Economic Area. In which Switzerland is clearly not a member.

    For you it was probably EEA = European Environment Agency, from which your link was also. And Switzerland is probably a member of that. Unfortunately, I've never heard of it before in my life, but let this be left out.

    And Schengen-Dublin (as a double agreement) is a term that will most likely be known to Swiss people, but if you are interested, I'll also send you the link here:


    Jop do bini au diner Meinig au if not always everything is rosy bini but on the whole very zfride. I have two additional jobs, in a snack bar and in a hotel. Beidi Jobs hani with a relatively green Ufwand but also relatively happy! Say bini druf cho mi döt z contests by chance.

    But ebbe I have to say it's not all simple and good. Mini girl is crushing a job looking for a job, but it is useful where there is a wave. So I am now against Zrugg in Switzerland.

    Ireland certainly has a sini quirk, but it is certainly a beautiful site. Thu z Dublin gfallts mer au relatively good but when i finished my studies i dont really introduce myself to another island. But it is in any case a great experience, which I recommend to everyone.

    If dr the chasch just allow mol for e Monet z cho, because that would of course be perfect. But au sunscht me isch jo quickly against zrugg in Switzerland so long döt no e basis hesch like e.g. family muesch jo au nid with bag and pack cho wants most of the living rooms to be furnished. And if you decide to stay there, always get everything.
    So if no witeri froge etc. hesch meld di eifach!

  • 06.03.2010, 01:04 Working as a Swiss in Ireland ?! # 12

    Oh, understanding what is read is much easier than what is spoken

  • 03/09/2010, 12:19 am Working as a Swiss in Ireland ?! # 13

    many thanks for the good information!

    yes that's the way it is. i only understand dutch and afrikaans well when i read it

    I googled a bit and actually found some jobs explicitly for Swiss people. very interesting. I really wouldn't have come up with the idea so quickly that I should look specifically for swiss german.

  • 04/09/2010, 3:54 pm Working as a Swiss in Ireland ?! # 14


    Hello everybody
    I've now signed up with some recruiters with cv.

    now i have a telephone interview. but for a job in belfast. actually i never really thought about northern ireland because i actually want to go to the republic of ireland.

    well, if i get a job in belfast i'll try it in northern ireland i thought on the phone when the recruiter called.
    But now I have some questions because I visit Ireland from 20 and only know Northern Ireland from 2 short visits. I never liked the north because, in my opinion, it was too english (spent six months in college in england). In any case, UK and ROI are two totally different pairs of shoes for me. are these just prejudices on my part or are you the same?

    I am also wondering whether it would not be better to take a job in ROI right from the start, as a change of job and place of residence within the republic is certainly easier than later switching from Northern Ireland to the south. think about the registration, car, living, different laws, taxes, social security number etc etc. or is the difference in this regard not as big as I assume?

    have rummaged through the forum a bit with the search terms working in belfast. unfortunately almost all entries are 5 years and older.

    would be super grateful if you had a few tips.

    Thanks in advance!!

    sunny greetings from switzerland


  • 09.04.2010, 5:10 PM working as a Swiss in Ireland ?! # 15

    Hello rico

    I have now created that dinae threat witer isch gangu. I have a PN gschribu here. Aes few va minu question in minum PN are now answered in threat.

    Belfast ..... .. thinks about that well. There is always nothing going on in the Tifel, you who read inae Mediae z'Gaegeteil and aes is sooooo wit waeg vn Republic. I don't mean it is metric, but rather sush.

    Talk to you