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Wanted a millionaire - Where do I get to know a real millionaire? How do I even recognize a rich man? - These are the questions some of the single women out there are probably asking themselves. Especially women who want a luxury life but cannot afford one out of their own pocket want to achieve this special status as millionaire's wife through their millionaire. They would only achieve this if they manage to catch a millionaire who has an already successful career. But easier said than done. Because rich millionaires don't run in simple circles. You need contacts and insider information as well as details to get even close to a millionaire. However, these offers are not often available. Because rich millionaires like to stay among themselves. After all, a sugar daddy wants to preserve its quality.

The affluent side of life

In general, it can be said that wealthy people prefer to surround themselves with like-minded people. So there is no risk of envy. Who likes to talk about money when money shouldn't really play a big role? Because there is enough of it!

But how can normal women get to know a rich man without being excluded from high society, i.e. the world of the beautiful and rich?

A question that a comparatively large number of women ask themselves, because nowadays women strive for ever higher goals. Even women with a university degree and a chance for a very well-paying job have a plan and that is to meet a millionaire. In this article we present you offers and details in the successful search for a rich man.

How do I start the search?

Looking for a millionaire? - There are now women who have made it their business to be accepted into the circles of the rich and beautiful in order to increase their own chances of meeting a real millionaire. First and foremost, it is important to create points of contact in order to approach a rich man as inconspicuously as possible and almost by chance. Because rich men are usually not stupid people and would question the woman's intention. So the main thing is to hold back. The wealthy man will take a bite. The women must first of all do a lot of persuasion to convince the potential billionaire of your positive intentions! After all, he is usually still looking for a suitable woman by his side.

Ordinary women were looking for a millionaire

It makes sense for women when they are looking for a millionaire to stay where the upper class can be found. The places should be explored. Places that are on everyone's lips because of their excellent reputation would be ideal. Usually these are places that are well known for their high celebrity density. Our media in particular can give a lot of information about these places, because the paparazzi are not far in locations where celebrities come and go. So look for articles that give you details on where celebs often hang out in order to "accidentally" run into a rich man on a perfect day.

In addition, the women can orientate themselves on the price ranges. The higher the prices and the more luxurious the ambience, the more likely it is to meet a wealthy man. Once the right place has been found, the single woman has to pick out the real billionaire among the many men who has enough money in his bank account. But how can rich men be identified? Are there any obvious features that make the difference clear?

Actually, wealthy men should be easily recognizable from afar, because they only wear and buy clothes from well-known and very expensive brands. Plus, rich men usually only surround themselves with beautiful women. But for you as a woman to stand out from the crowd and to catch the eye of such a rich man, you need more than just a chic presentation. Because you're not the only woman who needs this rich man's attention. In order to even get to know a rich man, action must be taken.

A woman should go all out with her outfit and it would be advisable for her, as the wife of a future millionaire, to know the typical manners in such circles. A confident and well-trained appearance is without attracting attention. In addition, it would be interesting to know which type of woman the billionaire prefers to treat in his choice. Everything should be well prepared, because this is the only way the woman can be sure that her approach will be successful.

Courses are now even being offered to help women get to know a billionaire with information. Because there are a few things to keep in mind that will speed up your search when looking for a millionaire. We'll tell you in this article!

Women who have been looking for a millionaire give tips:

1) Move to the most expensive area of ​​your city, even if they can't afford more than a storeroom.
2) If you don't like your name, make up a nickname for yourself.
3) See exactly where prestigious premieres or vernissages are taking place, which auctions could attract illustrious buyers and which sports clubs are holding celebrity tournaments.
4) Eat in exclusive restaurants in general.
5) The first conversation - Confirm the potential millionaire in his opinion, but not on all points, on one point you have to contradict him. This is how you get his attention.
6) You will neither be a cook nor a call girl for the millionaire.
7) Go all out, if you intend to marry him, bring in a competitor.
8) He has to notice what he has about you, you should play an important role in his world.
9) Take the initiative, men like strong women.

Agencies to meet wealthy men?

Such agencies have a certain business model in which the internet and an app (free of charge) do not play a role. Applicants' data is handled very discreetly here. The head office is a very noble building that should exude the seriousness of this business. Only personal contact is sought in that trained and trustworthy staff conduct an interview with the customer and then a detailed profile is created in the interests of the customer. Falsifications and exaggerations are excluded. The account balance is of course an important point on the agenda.

So nothing compared to the Internet, where the profiles on an app are usually not truthful (not according to the general terms and conditions) and accordingly cannot provide any information about the person himself. However, not everyone is included in the file. Already the contribution. from 10,000-18,000 pounds a year ensures that only wealthy men can register there. Customers include top managers, bankers, entrepreneurs and heirs of millions. A name is never disclosed to the public.

The data is top secret and discretion is paramount for this type of agency. The applicants are exclusively from the elite. If a suitable partner has been found who roughly corresponds to the profile, a meeting will be arranged via email. The first contact is made by phone or email. So that the last names remain under lock and key for the time being. If a deepening of the contact is desired, the participants are responsible for it. It is now up to the participants themselves whether the spark jumps or not. Love cannot be forced.

Millionaire wanted - the lottery millionaire / heir?

Not every billionaire has earned his first million on his own. There are many rich people who have been very fortunate to be born into a wealthy family. Others were even more lucky and won their millions in the lottery. But often lottery millionaires don't know how to deal with their newfound wealth. If the profit was only one million euros, then caution is required, because the amount of 1 million is quickly spent. Lottery millionaires like to throw the money out the window or get wrong advice or trust the wrong people. Because there are cases of lottery millionaires who later even sat on the street.

It is sad to note that the money makes friends and, when the money is no longer so liquid, they unfortunately leave again. Every well-to-do understandably treat their wealth differently. Some like to show themselves to the public and celebrate their wealth so that everyone can share in this happiness. Others prefer to keep a low profile, they don't want to be favored. They don't think of themselves as anything better. The more sympathetic alternative, as we think.

But no matter how a millionaire gets his millions. First and foremost, the millions count on the account and the exciting luxury life that can be led with it. Money doesn't make you happy. Nevertheless, you can do the things that make you happy with it and it gives people a certain satisfaction. There are also great differences between the wealthy in the USA and those in Germany. In Germany the millionaires are much more covered. There are said to be a total of 40,000 millionaires here, although they are not necessarily lottery millionaires or heirs, but mainly entrepreneurs.

The 10 richest people in Germany:

placeSurnameCompaniesAssets in billions of euros
01Theo AlbrechtAldi north14,6
02Karl AlbrechtAldi south12,6
03Susanne KlattenAltana (Pharma), BMW7,5
04Werner OttoOtto Versand, ECE (real estate)6,6
05Reinhard MohnBertelsmann5,7
06Von Holtzbrinck familyHoltzbrinck publishing group5,6
07Friedrich Karl FlickStocks, real estate5,4
09Curt G. Engelhornbefore Boehringer Mannheim4,7
10Hasso PlattnerSAP co-founder4,7

What do rich men appreciate in a woman?

There is no doubt that tastes are different. Every man has his own preferences and values ​​very different characteristics in a woman. However, it can be said that men are largely united, which is essentially what matters for a woman. Watch out girls ...

  1. A well-groomed appearance is especially important. As the saying goes, first impressions count. The charisma, the style of clothing, the voice - everything is decisive for whether there will be a second or third meeting.
  2. The character decides whether to stay together. Certainly, men look first and foremost. A firm bottom and a firm bosom are definitely beneficial, but not a garnet for a long-term partnership. But in retrospect, the inner values ​​also count. A woman should be lovable, her character should be consolidated and everything should be relatively relaxed. The only thing that counts is the heart
  3. intelligence is equally important for men. Conversations are particularly important in a partnership. Intelligence as a substance for good conversations, your partner only learns to appreciate you when he can ask you for advice even in difficult situations.
  4. Give the millionaire / man the attention he deserves.

You should definitely pay attention to these details!

It's not always all about women. Men also want to feel how important and meaningful they are for the respective partner. Surprise him with spontaneous sex or cook a delicious meal. All things that you will get back double and triple.

  1. Play the jealous one, but don't overdo it. Sensitivity and a pinch of jealousy never hurt. The dosage is crucial. Because no man wants a psychopath. A little jealousy sweetens the relationship and gives it a little zing. Your husband or billionaire realizes he is not indifferent to you.
  2. Silence is gold. Men don't want women to pass on intimate secrets to girlfriends. In a relationship, men should be able to trust their wife and not be afraid that the woman's best friend knows exactly how the man is in bed, where his quirks are, etc.
  3. The perfect combination. At the same time, being the sexy lady and occasionally communicating on a friendly basis. He mustn't be angry with you if you give up crap from time to time. No one is perfect.
  4. Be authentic ... Be open and honest. Do not keep any secrets from your partner. At some point it will come to light anyway. Stand by yourself and your body. Don't scold yourself so much, be proud and confident. It should be fun to spend time with you.

To sum up to millionaire wanted:

A millionaire wants to marry a woman who is serious about him and is not just with him for the money. But often a woman seeks rich men for financial support. She pulls out all the stops. Feelings are rather secondary and do not play a major role. She wants to marry her billionaire with the intention of buying everything and leading the luxury life she wants. Rich men are sometimes more of a means to an end.

(UFA) Millionaire addictionWoman who has honest intentions. But how is a billionaire supposed to notice? For this reason, getting married should always be carefully considered. Rich men should realize that erotic is not everything. But most of them want a woman to live out the eroticism and lust freely. Love is not the number one priority. Most men attach great importance to the eroticism in a relationship, but a woman who has everything, i.e. a woman who has a perfect appearance and a great character, is a major asset for every millionaire. If the millionaire seeks and finds such a woman, he should hold onto her and marry her too. The (UFA) millionaire addiction woman for life with special qualities and sometimes women want more and even develop feelings.

Although it is in the nature of women to develop feelings quickly. But the billionaire must also make a contribution. His contribution is to buy gifts and beautiful things for his wife. The woman should remember this and return the favor accordingly. When a woman meets a wealthy man, she can look forward to an adventure.

Women want to be surprised and love men who know what a woman wants. Wanted a millionaire? There are also a few millionaires living in Germany, a paradise for women who are looking for a millionaire. Whether lottery millionaires or the successful entrepreneur. The main thing is that the money is right. Whether a rich man wants to get to know a woman to get married is questionable. First and foremost they love their money, whether they love a woman depends entirely on the man and especially on the woman. Women have to be prepared for the fact that here in Germany the millionaires are not as obvious as they would be in other countries. Here in Germany they prefer to remain anonymous.