Xbox or PS4 whichever is best

PS4 vs. Xbox: which model can do what? These are the differences

Game consoles are the easiest and fastest way to enjoy gaming. While gaming PCs are potentially more powerful and modifiable, fans of Playstation, Xbox & Co. appreciate one thing above all: You can plug them in and get started right away. An additional powerline adapter is useful to achieve higher surfing speeds than in WLAN. Compared to PCs, consoles with similar performance are also significantly cheaper. Which game console you should choose depends on several factors.

Which game console should I buy?

There are a few things that you should consider carefully. Perhaps the most important question is: what games do you want to play? If you would like to play exclusive titles from the Nintendo universe (for example the Super Mario series), Playstation and Xbox are probably out of the question from the outset. If you are primarily interested in playing blockbuster games and mobility is not important to you, the Playstation or possibly the Xbox will be your console of choice.

Especially for those who would like to play in multiplayer mode, the question also arises: Which console do their friends and acquaintances have? It is also important whether you want a stationary console or whether you also plan to play mobile games. It is also important: should the console be suitable for children? And especially in times of 4K, the question arises: How important is optimal graphics to you?

Playstation or Xbox?

The Playstation is considered the most popular game console among gamers for a reason. Sony scores with a wide range of games and is clearly ahead of the Xbox One when it comes to exclusive content. Every gamer gets their money's worth here - especially with the Playstation Plus subscription, with which players can use all games in online multiplayer mode for € 7.99 a month and receive two new games a month. The Playstation offers a further advantage for virtual reality enthusiasts who would like to use VR glasses but want to do without a computer-based system: With the “Playstation VR” glasses * (available separately) you can play around 100 games move in virtual space. In addition to VR glasses, VR gamers also need a camera *, which is also available separately.

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