What makes someone a senior developer

For some it is just a buzzword, for others a title that expresses competence, respect and appreciation: Senior Developer. Depending on the company, there are different hierarchies for software developers: Junior, Intermediate or Lead Developer. Despite the many titles, there is no common understanding of what they mean. Even developers often find it difficult to classify themselves accordingly. With this blog post we start ours Social media series "Road to Senior", with which we would like to answer the question: "When do you actually start to be a senior developer?"

To do this, however, it must first be clarified what the definition of a senior developer is. Often the focus is on technical skills, i.e. expertise in programming languages ​​or frameworks. Others just refer to the years of professional experience the developer / programmer has. Still others see the difference between junior and senior in the role in the team. Because senior developers train inexperienced junior developers. Last but not least, the degree of independence and responsibility is taken as a basis. A senior developer is entrusted with projects, while a junior works on individual tasks.

Senior developers create value

We believe that all of these points of view have their raison d'etre. In short, a senior developer is the one who continuously creates high added value. So it is the result that counts! Where one developer generates the greatest added value by leading and advancing his team, another is primarily an ingenious problem solver who develops brilliant products.

Despite the different types of developers, one thing must be said: it's all about the mix. Even the most ingenious programmer has to be able to work in a team and understand his customers in order to deliver good results. Likewise, everyone who describes themselves as a senior developer must in-depth programming skills no matter how good his other skills are. You do not automatically become a senior through X years of professional experience, but rather through learning certain skills.

From junior developer to senior developer

Our "Road to Senior" social media series builds on this understanding of the concept of senior developer. Every two weeks we will publish a statement that explains what a junior developer has to do to become a senior developer. The skills are assigned to different roles. These different types of developers are:

The programmer:

He has the technical know-how to independently manufacture high quality products.

The team player:

He is a help to others and makes sure that his team is constantly improving.

The mediator:

He can also communicate with non-programmers and therefore knows what is necessary to satisfy users.


We say: To a certain extent, a senior developer should be able to fulfill all of these roles, because only then will he be successful. And now we wish you a lot of fun with our social media series “Road to Senior”! We look forward to feedback, suggestions and topic suggestions!


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