Why a teacher is better than a doctor

Doctor vs. teacher - arguments for choosing a career

There are professions that enjoy a high social position. Academics in particular constitute a special group. There are often complex considerations when choosing a career. If you are faced with the choice between doctor and teacher, you should compare all arguments.

Academics are educated, well-paid people who work in both state-owned and economically independent companies. Whether a doctor or a teacher, both professional groups have had a certain degree of study behind them. The responsibility they have in their professions is very great. Of course, the stresses that both of them have to endure must not be disregarded. Considerations that you have to make in advance when it comes to the doctor vs. teacher situation can therefore be very tedious.

Doctor vs. teacher - arguments for choosing a doctor

  • Every career choice is a decision of conscience. Therefore, the choice cannot be assessed on a flat-rate basis. To become a doctor is a career dream that many would like to fulfill - also because there are so many different specialties here.
  • For general practitioners, there is one argument that currently (as of 2014) speaks in favor of this profession. This is the sharp decline in this group of doctors in rural areas. However, you should also bear in mind the responsibilities you are given as a doctor. Social respect and payment also speak a clear language.
  • The professional satisfaction of being able to help people is an argument for choosing this profession. What speaks against it is the enormous stress situation, for example through alternating shifts, which can be 24 hours and longer; this especially with clinicians.
  • The training period for the profession as a doctor is at least six years and three months. Only then can further training to become a specialist take place. The income of a doctor in a clinic starts at around € 3,900 and for a specialist at around € 5,100. There are also surcharges. The salaries are tied to the respective federal state and the type of clinic. (Stand 2013)

Bearing responsibility as a teacher too

  • School education is the outstanding task for which you as a teacher are responsible. However, your tasks are not limited to this task alone. The creation of timetables and the planning of learning materials are just a few of the facets.
  • Doctor vs. teacher - in this profession, too, you have various options in your training. Elementary school, university or technical school teachers are just some of the jobs that are open to you.
  • A pleasant side effect here is the length of the vacation and thus your vacation, although school work must also be done during this time. An argument that should not be overlooked in anything is the fact of the high psychological and physical stress.
  • The training period for teachers with a bachelor's degree is three years and with a master's degree four and a half years. Technical training can take place both alongside work and after the training. The salaries that are paid depend on the type of employment, i.e. whether you work as an employee or as a civil servant.
  • In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, the earnings for an employed career starter are around € 3,200. As a civil servant, it would be around € 3,300. (Stand 2013)

You should make the decision between doctor and teacher calmly and conscientiously take your personal needs into account.

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