Are beans harmful to dogs

Can dogs eat beans?

Perhaps you have already noticed ready-made food for your dog that contains green beans. There are several types of it.

Many people love green beans. They are the finest variety in the large bean family. But what about beans and green beans in your dog? Can your dog eat them?

Beans for dogs?

Basically, you should feed beans with great caution. This applies to all legumesbecause they are very flatulent. Under no circumstances should your dog eat beans raw. Because legumes contain phasin, a substance that is toxic.

This applies to all conventional types of beans:

  • green beans
  • broad beans
  • White beans
  • yellow beans
  • Kidney beans
  • Soybeans

Can dogs eat green beans?

Green beans are better tolerated by dogs and are only allowed once. However, you have to cook these beans well for your four-legged friend. So green beans are guaranteed to be cooked in your dog's ready-to-eat food.

You may know green beans by the names:

  • Kidney bean
  • Cut bean
  • Broad bean
  • Runner bean

In Austria they are called green beans.

Green beans are the young beans. They are harvested immature. At this point the pods are still fine and edible for your dog.

If you don't harvest the beans in time, the actual beans will grow in the pods. These mature into large beans. The pod will then be inedible for you and your four-legged friend.

Beans are high in protein

In addition to a high content of protein, the green bean is characterized by its high content of minerals. Potassium, magnesium, selenium, fluorine and zinc would make beans particularly healthy for your darling, were it not for a few side effects.

The content of vitamins of the B group is noteworthy. With the exception of B12, beans contain a significant amount of all B vitamins. It thus covers the need for many important nutrients for your four-legged friend.

When are beans poisonous to dogs?

Despite its health benefits, caution should be exercised when feeding your dog.

This is especially true for all raw beans. They can be dangerous for dogs because the phasin they contain is toxic. Phasin clumps the red blood cells. Depending on the amount consumed, you and your dog can poison yourself from it.

An overdose of Phasin can cause bleeding in your dog's gastrointestinal tract. If your dog has eaten raw legumes, you should consult your veterinarian immediately. Don't wait for your dog to show symptoms.

Typical symptoms of raw bean poisoning are vomiting and abdominal cramps. Bloody diarrhea and fever can also occur. In the worst case scenario, you can die from it.

How to Prepare Green Beans for Dogs?

When buying green beans for your dog, look for a rich green color. The pods should have a slight sheen. Wash the beans first.

Then remove the thread at the seam. This thread is no longer present in the newer breeds. Then cook the beans for at least eight minutes.

If the beans squeak as you bite into them, they are not yet ready for your dog. Cook them for another two to three minutes. Then get the beans out of the water.

Cut them into small pieces. So you can add the vegetables to your pet's food. Start with a small amount. Pay attention to how your dog tolerates the vegetables.

Beans cause gas

If you grow green beans in your garden, your dog must not be allowed to harvest them illegally. Be sure to pay attention to it. This can be dangerous.

Never feed legumes that you have not fully cooked through. Even with cooked haricot beans, you should only feed them small amounts. Legumes can cause gas and constipation.

Which vegetables are better for dogs than beans?

Legumes are a particularly nutritious vegetable. Their high nutritional content is what makes them so healthy. Because pulses contain a large amount of protein. You can also use beans, lentils and the like in the kitchen in a variety of ways. At the same time, they are low in calories.

Like all other types of beans, the green bean comes from Central and South America. Today you can find these green beans all over the world. The main producers can be found in Asia.

Incidentally, the green bean is of greatest importance for people in developing countries. Especially in Africa and Latin America. The high protein content is important here for the basic supply of the population.

If you are not entirely sure about legumes, you better do without on feeding your dog. Beans are healthy though. But there are numerous types of vegetables that are just as much for him.

However, there are many types of vegetables that are better tolerated by dogs. And your dog is guaranteed to be able to eat them safely.

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