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Game of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister, the hand of the king

From outlaw to second most important man in the country

In Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister has served several rulers. His countless alliances did not ultimately lead him to the Iron Throne, but as a member of the council he was involved in the appointment of Bran as king. Find out more in our Tyrion bio.

Never forget what you are, neither does the rest of the world.

Tyrion to Jon Snow

Tyrion Lannister is a short man from the Lannister family. His father, Tywin, blames him for the death of his wife, Joanna, as she died in his delivery. Since he was born, Tyrion has had to fight for recognition, as he is often mocked as a "dwarf". But over the seasons he proves negotiating skills and tests his advisory qualities on several rulers. Here you can find out everything about the black sheep of the Lannister family.

  1. Tyrion marries Sansa Stark
  2. Tyrion is accused
  3. Tyrion returns from exile
  4. Will Tyrion betray Daenerys?
Tyrion Lannister
SurnameTyrion Lannister
NicknameGnome, dwarf, half-man, little lion
titleMaster of the Coin
Hand of the King (Daenerys, Bran)
originCasterly stone
parentsTywin Lannister (father)
Joanna Lannister (mother)
siblingsJaime Lannister (brother)
Cersei Lannister (sister)
Spouse / partnerSansa Stark (wife)
Tysha (canceled)
Shae (mistress)
AffiliationHouse Lannister
Game of Thrones_Tyrion Lannister

To protect himself, Tyrion has accepted that there is nothing he can do about the mockery. While his martial skills leave much to be desired, Tyrion makes himself irreplaceable as a skilled and intelligent advisor. By living in the powerful and wealthy Lannister family, he is used to the obvious power games and practices the art of manipulation and deceit.

Tyrion made his first appearance in GoT season 1. His conversation with Jon Schnee is particularly memorable, as both consider each other to be lepers. Tyrion accompanies Jon Schnee to the wall to get an idea of ​​the gigantic border fortification with his own eyes.

Tyrion marries Sansa Stark

When Tyrion comes to King's Landing in GoT Season 2, he is used as the hand of the king. His father sent him because Joffrey turned out to be an impulsive tyrant. With Tyrion's keen mind, he cuts a fine figure as a hand and holds the city together. Even when Stannis Baratheon tries to attack the city, Tyrion, inexperienced in war, is able to provide the defense. In the end, however, Tywin comes to the rescue and saves King's Landing. He then takes over Tyrion's post as a hand. It becomes clear that Tyrion is just a character in Tywin's game and is not valued.

His father married him to Sansa Stark in order to secure the power of the Lannisters in the far north. Tyrion is no more enthusiastic about the forced wedding than his young bride. In addition, he loves the former prostitute Shae, whom he had smuggled into the palace as a Sansa's maid. Sansa is only 17 years old at the time of marriage and Tyrion does not impose herself on her. Instead, he drowns his grief in wine and sleeps on a sofa in the other room.

Tyrion is accused

At the Crimson Wedding in Game of Thrones season 4, Joffrey is poisoned and dies. Petyr Baelish takes the chance to smuggle Sansa out of King's Landing. Tyrion is left without his wife and is wrongly accused by Cersei of the murder of King Joffrey. After the award is found guilty by Kampf, Tyrion must flee the city.

With the help of Varys and Jaime, he manages to leave the dungeon. On the way out of the city, after a premonition creeps into his father's bedroom and sees his lover, Shae, on the bed. Without further ado, he strangles her and then shoots his father with a crossbow on the toilet. In doing so, he frees himself from his father's power games.

He then escapes from King's Landing and takes the long journey to Meereen to meet Daenerys Targaryen. He will be your new advisor and will support your claim to your Iron Throne from Beyond the Strait.

He has a mitigating effect on the impulsive Daenerys and ensures that she keeps her allies together. Together they set course for Westeros and in Game of Thrones season 7 they reach Drachenstein, the original home of the Targaryens.

Tyrion returns from exile

Tyrion tries to negotiate with Cersei and thus gain Daenerys' trust as well. However, Cersei is not ready to bow to the new queen. In any case, he can convince his sister to agree to a mission. This is supposed to bring a returnee to King's Landing and thus definitively prove their existence.

The mission succeeds, but Cersei cannot be convinced of Daenerys' complete support. She agrees to a ceasefire, but demands that Jon withdraw to the north. He has already sworn his loyalty to Daenerys. After a personal conversation with her, she pledges her support. However, it later emerges that an ambush by the Golden Company and Euron's fleets was planned.

Tyrion notices Daenerys' madness

In GoT season 8, Tyrion begins to doubt his queen. Daenerys desperately wants to assert her claim to the throne and is even ready to sacrifice innocents for it. When Tyrion also learns from Sansa that Jon is the true heir to the throne, his doubts grow. Especially since he gradually has to admit that he has lost his trust in the mother of dragons. After all, she has features of her father, the mad king. In a conversation with Varys, he is still loyal to Daenerys, but that will soon change.

Tyrion Lannister realizes that Daenerys has gone mad after she ruins the whole of King's Landing. When she also announced that she wanted to free all of Westeros and Essos, Tyrion resigned from his position as the queen's hand. Daenerys accuses him of treason for helping his brother Jaime escape. Tyrion is about to be put on trial. Before that, however, Jon Schnee visits him. Tyrion tells him that only he can stop Daenerys' murders. At first Jon seems to be loyal to his lover Daenerys, but Tyrion's words have paid off. Jon kills Daenerys with a dagger while they kiss.

Tyrion's trial ends well. He suggests that Bran should become the new king since he is omniscient. He can make the right decisions for the people. After the lords and ladies agree to the election of the king, Bran proposes Tyrion as the hand of the king. At first Tyrion refuses, but Bran convinces him that he can make up for his mistakes, so the Lannister accepts. Tyrion's first act is to tell Jon to return to serve on the Night's Watch.

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