What is the maximum package in MMM

Girth: What does the girth mean for a package?

What is the girth?

Most private individuals send parcels with DHL. The parcel service provider usually calculates the price for shipping based on weight. However, there are also other calculation bases that senders such as DPD and GLS use specifically. One of them is this Girth or the Belt circumference. However, this information is not limited to these parcel service providers. Because this information is an essential basis for price calculation even with forwarding agents and even - hidden - with DHL. But what is the girth?

How do you calculate the girth?

The girth describes the size of a package to be transported. You add the longest length as well as double the width and double the height. Expressed differently:

The girth is the sum of the circumference over the shortest sides plus the simple length of the package.

The lengths are to be measured on the outside of the cardboard box. This dimension thus expresses the space required by the package. Since this resulting volume is of crucial importance for the transport, the girth and possibly a maximum weight per package are primarily taken into account for many providers when calculating the price.

The term probably goes back to measuring with a strap. This is at most as long as the permitted length from the girth calculation. This can still be seen today: on delivery, an employee wraps the package on the short sides with the belt to check it, removes the length from it and compares the remaining length with the long side of the package. If there is "left over" strap, the dimensions of the package are within the prescribed maximum values.

Girth size variants

The girth is very common in the logistics industry. The providers do not always use a clearly identifiable girth. But even DHL specifies maximum values ​​for the side lengths of the parcels. This in turn indirectly results in a girth, even if the provider bills according to weight within this system.

That means: If maximum dimensions are given, it is also a girth, even if the price is calculated as an alternative. However, the providers avoid the computational work required for the customer by providing maximum information.

Important: The belt dimensions of different box sizes can be identical. By changing the length, height and width, the cartons can be adapted to the goods without them having to exceed the maximum permitted girth.

Girth: advantages and disadvantages

According to these specifications, this pricing has the advantage for senders that it Send heavy goods cheaply in small packages can. Because they are compactly packaged and have a small girth, so that the sender can save on packaging cardboard and filler material. On the other hand, it can save money on shipping costs compared to larger boxes. All in all, the compact packaging means a financial advantage that can pay off considerably in the medium and long term.

The disadvantage: Bulky goods require larger packaging and are more expensive. Because the girth is correspondingly larger. This also applies to goods that have to be specially secured and packaged in bubble wrap or chips. There is an opposite effect here: the volume of the packaging ensures a larger girth and thus, despite the possible low weight, higher packaging and delivery costs.

Conclusion: Shipping according to the girth tends to be worthwhile when goods can be safely packed and sent in small boxes to save space. It is disadvantageous to have to use oversized cardboard boxes.

Girth: It all depends on the right box!

As a shipper, you should be vigilant when choosing a carrier. The girth often attracts with apparently low prices. However, the packaging must then also be right. So it all comes down to choosing the perfect box. Use our professional, multi-wall boxes. For certain senders such as DPD, GLS [possibly Include list of links] and we offer you Cardboard boxes matched to the girth. These impress not only with their stability and load-bearing capacity, but also with precisely coordinated edge lengths and different sizes.

Our promise: Optimal cardboard boxes for every girth!

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