What makes a sociopath angry?

Is your colleague a sociopath? Find out!

In times of low unemployment, companies are desperate to hire enough people. Often they have to speed up their hiring decisions or they risk losing a good candidate. But this also leads to Wrong decisions. There is nothing more expensive than having an employee who Productivity interferes and the Corporate culture is harmful. The worst culprits? Colleagues who turn out to be sociopaths.

Sociopaths harm corporate culture

Sociopaths have ruined entire teams, departments, and even companies. In general, they are very intelligent and find their job easy. But hers Manipulation leads to the loss of talented employees and customers. If your company has seen such losses and you think a sociopath might be the culprit in your office, you should seriously think about how to get rid of him.

13 signs your colleague is a sociopath

Research has found that sociopaths often exhibit several of the following characteristics and behaviors:

  1. You are superficially charming and intelligent.
  2. You sometimes say things that are very irrational.
  3. Sometimes they show signs of extreme nervousness and other neuroses.
  4. They are not reliable and often arrive late for meetings and projects. Often times it feels like they're doing it on purpose.
  5. You've caught her lying or heard saying mean things about other coworkers in her absence.
  6. They never apologize or they do not sincerely apologize.
  7. You suddenly become antisocial for no reason to make others feel uncomfortable.
  8. They make the same mistakes over and over and you feel like they do it on purpose to make life difficult for others.
  9. You have a big ego.
  10. You show no compassion.
  11. They love to share their insights in all situations, but hate it when others try to give them advice.
  12. They are very friendly and almost overly social with strangers.
  13. Your life doesn't seem to have a plan.

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Your colleague is a sociopath and you want to get rid of him? 3 tips

If a coworker turns out to be a sociopath, there are ways to get him to voluntarily change jobs or put him in a position that can legally terminate the employment relationship.

1. Focus on his weaknesses

You should be very empathetic when communicating mistakes. Sociopaths cannot get angry at someone who tries to help. At the same time, however, they will hate being portrayed as weak.

2. Document his behavior

You should keep an online journal of the person's behavior. It is important to find witnesses and specifically write down precise situations and comments. This way you have a log of the inappropriate behavior and can see how that behavior affects the morale and productivity of the team.

3. Don't show weakness

A sociopathic colleague will try to upset you. Keep calm, smile and move on. Your goal is to be friendly and yet steadfast.

This article was written by J.T. O’Donnell was written in English and published on inc.com on October 16, 2017. We have translated it for you so that we can exchange ideas with our readers on relevant topics.

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