Can this relationship be saved and how

In the name of love

Name in mobile phone: sweetheart
Relationship status:Married for 25 years, hurray!
Last SMS: Yay! I bought our favorite bread
Where met: Parish fair
Biggest concern: That something changes

Name in mobile phone: Prof. Dr. Claudia Berger
Relationship status:Very promising
Where met:
Last SMS: It was a wonderful evening. A performance of the century! We have to be happy and grateful that we were able to experience something like this.
Biggest concern: No agreement on marriage contract

Name in mobile phone: Type from P1
Relationship status: Not clear
Where met: Unclear (possibly P1)
Last SMS: Hello?
Biggest concern: Unclear (possibly relationship)

Most read this week:

Name in mobile phone: Sssstefi
Relationship status: See type from P1
Where met: See type from P1
Last SMS: Eggplant emoji
Biggest concern: Damn it, where's the aspirin?

Name in mobile phone: IT team Frank
Relationship status: Company party misstep
Where met: Room B 3.184
Last SMS: yes, I thought it was beautiful too
Biggest concern: If I report the WiFi problem now, does that give him false hopes?

Name in mobile phone: Cringelord
Relationship status: Purely virtual relationship
Where met:
Last SMS: Do you have 2 guns left for level 17
Biggest concern: daylight

Name in mobile phone: Ex
Relationship status: Absolutely over
Where met: Repressed
Last SMS: ask the lawyer
Biggest concern: Chance reunion

Name in mobile phone: Elven goddess
Relationship status: Soul mate
Where met: Esoteric days, Riem trade fair
Last SMS: Unicorn photo
Biggest concern: Bad energy flows

Name in mobile phone: Lisa with poodle
Relationship status: Careful sniffing
Where met: On the dog meadow
Last SMS: Dog Emoji + Heart Emoji + Laugh Emoji
Biggest concern: Will the landlord accept a second dog?

Name in mobile phone: Paul (plaster)
Relationship status: Been through a lot together
Where met: In the hospital
Last SMS: Have fun, darling, don't forget your helmet ;-)
Biggest concern: That something like that happens to the children too

Name in mobile phone: sweetheart
Relationship status: Married for 25 years, moan!
Where met: Parish fair
Last SMS: ok, then some salad, rinse. Dinner 19.00
Biggest concern: That it goes on and on