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Vijay Iyer

Three groundbreaking albums at a special price in a high-quality collector's box!

- Historicity

- Accelerando

- Solo

"Vijay Iyer is one of the most important pianists of our time" (The New Yorker), who has the potential to "change the language of the jazz piano forever." (Jazzwise)

"Precise phrasing, perfect synchronicity meets impulsive interpretation" Piano News



“Vijay Iyer gives his music an urgency that lifts it out of the flood of piano trio recordings.” DIE ZEIT 

The US Grammy nominated “Historicity” marks Vijay Iyer's breakthrough as an internationally sought-after piano jazz star. The trio recording was voted "Album of the Year" more often than any other, including by Downbeat and the New York Times. And the renowned American Jazz Journalists Association named him the best musician of 2010.

“Historicity” stands for Iyer's examination of the concept of historicity, how to position yourself in the flow of music history, how to deal with foreign traditions as a musical narrator. Nevertheless, this never sounds new with Iyer, everything remains energetic and continuously audible. "Music can carry us gently over the vortex of events like water over rocks," says Vijay Iyer himself about "Historicity".

Track listing: Historicity, Somewhere, Galang [Trio Riot Version], Helix, Smoke Stack, Big Brother, Dogon A.D., Mystic Brew [Trixation Version], Trident: 2010, Segment For Sentiment # 2



“Three musicians, in perfect harmony.” The world

Vijay Iyer has arrived at the Jazz Zenit with his second trio album for ACT “Accelerando”: five-time “Downbeat Critic's Poll” winner, including best jazz artist, best jazz group, best jazz album - this has never happened since the polls started of the American trade journal in 1953.

On “Accelerando” the dance serves as an exciting thematic bracket, with pulsating adaptations from Duke Ellington to Michael Jackson: “In fact, I initially perceive music on an inner level, as most people do. Dance is the physical way to hear music - it's a universal response. The impulse to dance has always been at the heart of jazz. I never want to forget this foundation of rhythmic communication in my work. And that's what Accelerando deals with, this physical reality of music. For me, music is action. " (Vijay Iyer)

Track listing: Bode, Optimism, The Star of a Story, Human Nature [Trio Extended Version], Wildflower, Mmmhmm, Little Pocket Size Demons, Lude, Accelerando, Actions Speak, The Village of the Virgins



"The high expectations of the listener are not disappointed." Piano News

Unrivaled, complex and unmistakably independent. This is shown again impressively on the album "Solo", with which Iyer is now advancing into the supreme discipline of jazz piano: It is his first solo record. As with earlier works, here too he devotes himself to intellectual reflection. “Playing music occasionally gives that“ being outside ”experience. In a broader sense, it's the same when you make a solo album. ”(Vijay Iyer). Similar to his celebrated trio albums, Iyer's playing is steeped in jazz tradition, with technique, attitude or colors, as dictated by Thelonious Monk, Andrew Hill, Randy Weston, Cecil Taylor or Sun Ra beyond the notes. And yet these carefully observed influences are only the palette from which he mixes his new, very own colors for "Solo".

Track listing: Human Nature, Epistrophy, Darn That Dream, Black & Tan Fantasy, Prelude: Heartpiece, Autoscopy, Patterns, Desiring, Games, Fleurette Africaine, One For Blount