Why do consultants charge so much

IT services

The fact that IT specialists are becoming scarcer is nothing new. However, the shortage has not yet led to an explosive increase in the daily rates of external consultants. Nevertheless, it is important for IT bosses to have the greatest possible transparency about the usual fees in the IT market. The analysts at Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) are able to provide corresponding benchmark data with their "IT Services Rates Database 2016/17 Germany". You have given COMPUTERWOCHE and its readers an insight into their data pool.

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The daily rate of an IT consultant is accordingly on average in 2017 - across all job levels, qualifications, industries and project types - at 930 euros. The type of qualification is decisive here: In the area of ​​big data or security, significantly more is earned with an average of 1,100 euros. The industry in which the consultant specializes is also important. The financial sector pays best, the manufacturing sector worst. It is also noticeable that the average daily rates in technical support (system and database administration) have fallen slightly. In principle, slightly less is paid in the infrastructure sector in 2017 than in the previous year.

350 to 600 euros for the junior advisor

A young consultant with less than three years of professional experience in the area of ​​system administration in infrastructure-heavy projects receives an average of 347 euros per day. The daily rates for testing are just as high. There are, however, major differences depending on qualifications, project type and industry. The daily rate of a junior in SAP Consulting can easily approach the 600 euro mark.

Almost 700 euros for the consultant

PAC concedes a clear "leap in know-how" to the next higher level of consultant. Representatives in this category have two to three years of professional experience and, at 45 percent, make up the largest group within a project team. The average daily rate is just under 700 euros.

Senior consultants receive 950 euros

The next level in the hierarchy is made up of senior consultants (three to five years of professional experience) who charge an average of EUR 950 per day. Representatives of this group make up only 15 percent of an average project team. The income gap compared to the higher level of the manager is not particularly large: there the daily rate levels off at 1,100 euros. At around five percent, managers form an absolute minority in project teams and usually do not offer much more in terms of know-how than senior consultants.

1500 euros for senior managers

A senior manager with at least eight years of professional experience has made it in the consulting scene: In this position, daily rates of 1500 euros are the rule, compared to the overall average in the IT consulting market, this corresponds to an increase of 70 percent. Customers expect a lot of know-how and efficiency from senior managers. The differences in remuneration are particularly large in this group. Senior managers with business intelligence know-how in the financial sector can expect an average daily rate of around 2200 euros.

The most lucrative qualification

If you analyze the PAC numbers according to which type of consultant was able to take a particularly large gulp from the bottle this year, you end up with a senior consultant in retail or logistics with competencies in the areas of cloud applications and digital transformation: He can earn 5 .8 percent more than in the previous year. (HV)