Is it bad to use men's perfumes?

Rated highest in Eau de Parfum for men

4.6 | 3,083 customer reviews
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I bought this fragrance for my husband. When I close my eyes and want to let the scent work on me, I see the sea, wild bays, and a light breeze with the spicy scent of wild herbs and sea air blows into my nose. It's really a strong strong scent that doesn't appeal to bubis or cute males

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From Lighteye

We love this fragrance! Bought it for my friend's birthday when I saw the unbeatable price. I have not regretted it. It smells citric at first and then later very seductive, sweet, powdery, simple

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From Veti

The smell is strong and cool. But it doesn't hold up as one would expect from "Eau de Parfum". You have to spray a thousand times for the smell to be felt. I wonder if the product that is being sold on Amazon is really original

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From KK

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