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The impressions can hardly be expressed in words, so varied and diversified is the city made up of 263 islands and a large peninsula. The tallest bar in the world, the longest escalator in the world, the most skyscrapers, the most expensive rents, the highest number of millionaires - it seems that Hong Kong trumps them all. And in fact, Hong Kong, or Hong Kong, is oneCity of superlatives. Hong Kong sounds incredibly far away, like glitter and glamor, like high-rise buildings that reach up into the clouds. But I was also able to experience Hong Kong's quiet and almost delicate facet. So come with me, I'll show you today why you should definitely visit the dazzling metropolis.

Hong Kong - mega-metropolis with awesome flair

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Travel planning

Before the big adventure starts, I want you to meet the best Tips all about travel planning. If you have already been to other countries in Southeast Asia, you will initially be surprised by Hong Kong's high price level. After all, the prices are at the level of a Western European metropolis such as London or Paris. But that's no reason to miss the city. Of course you can rely on your holiday guru, because even in Hong Kong I will show you how to save your travel budget.

Arrival to Hong Kong

Most flights to Far Eastern Hong Kong have a stopover. Sounds annoying and exhausting? No, it doesn't have to be. For example, if you're flying with Emirates, it might be a good idea to do one Stopover in Dubai to insert. There is no better way to experience two of the most exciting cities in the world without major detours. In addition, you split up the flight route, you can really stretch your legs and get your body used to the time change a little. With this tip you will reach Hong Kong full of energy and you can go straight to the pulsating metropolis fall. A visa is generally required for EU citizens to enter China, but the city of Hong Kong is up to Visa-free for 90 days touring. You can easily get a stamp in your passport at the airport.

Public transportation

The first way should lead you to the ticket counter, because I recommend that you buy the so-called Octopus Card. With it you can use all public transport and are mobile throughout Hong Kong. Load the card with any amount and save yourself the annoying purchase of individual tickets. It works in a similar way to the London Oyster Card, which many of you are probably familiar with. Simply use the Octopus Card directly to access the city center with the Airport Express to be reached in just 20 minutes.

Once in town, the Star Ferry is my favorite means of transport. She connects as floating landmark For over 100 years the two most important districts Koomloon and Hong Kong City, in which life happens. The ship needs seven minutes, then you're over at the brightly lit skyscrapers. The best thing is that a trip costs just 25 cents. Simply the perfect place to take panoramic photos.My advice: Make sure you get a seat on the upper deck and enjoy the spectacular view of the brightly lit skyscrapers. On land, the subway connects almost the entire city, but my experience has taught me to avoid rush hour at all costs.

The best travel time

Because of thesubtropical climates the temperatures in Hong Kong rarely fall below 20 degrees. You should avoid the months of July to September, because then it is typhoon season. Hurricane-like storms make it sometimes impossible to leave the house, and the authorities even issue an exit ban in particularly bad cases. The months of March to May and October and November are really pleasant for your city trip to the mega-metropolis. Then it's dry and not too humid, so really ideal conditions for exploring Hong Kong.

Accommodation in Hong Kong

So that you do not experience any nasty surprises, I hereby warn you in advance. If you are used to booking your room on site in Asia, I strongly recommend that you make a reservation in advance in Hong Kong. The design hotel Kerry, which only opened in April 2017, is located in Kowloon. This not only gives you a breathtaking view of the skyline of Hong Kong City from your room, but also from the roof terrace with the great infinity pool.

For me there is no nicer place than to relax with a glass of wine in the pool and just let the lights of the city work on me - just magical. You can stay at the Hotel Kerry for as little as € 150 per room - a really good price-performance ratio by Hong Kong standards.

If you prefer a retreat that is only intended for you, you can also find it at Airbnba couple of nice apartments for every budget.

Landmarks in Hong Kong

The first impression is almost overwhelmed, you feel a little cramped by the many skyscrapers that let little light fall into the city. Once you get used to it, that is colorful bustle just impressive. That's why I'm going to show you what you definitely shouldn't miss in Hong Kong.

Big Buddha statue

The Big Buddha is rightly one of Hong Kong's main attractions. Even the ride with the cable car is a real adventure. On a 30-minute cable car ride you have a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape. My advice: To avoid unnecessary waiting times, you should set off early in the morning. Absorbs the magical atmosphere when the morning dew bathes the hilly landscape and the imposing Buddha figure in a mystical veil.

Victoria Park Peak

The viewpoint at the top of the highest elevation is also a tourist highlight and really worth seeing. The view that awaits you there is too beautiful. Especially at sunset, when the sky over Hong Kong shines in the most beautiful shades of red and the lights of the skyscrapers start to glitter - one dreamlike snapshot. Unfortunately, that's no longer a secret. Still, I have oneInsider tip for you who will spare you so many nerves.

Most tourists use the tram to go up the steep mountain. However, I recommend taking a taxi, otherwise you might miss the sunset due to the long queues in front of the tram. If you are traveling with several people, the taxi is even the cheaper alternative. Once at the top, you can save yourself the entrance fee for the Sky Terrace, which is subject to a fee. Just run around a bit, then you will find one or the other hidden vantage point and you can enjoy the moment all to yourself - and that too completely free!

Sheung Wan - creative impulses

Soho was previously Hong Kong's hipster district, but a new hotspot is slowly emerging that few tourists know about. Not far from Soho, a new district attracts the world's creative minds. On Aberdeen Street, a former police station has been converted in a really original way and now serves as one Art gallery for young artists and designers.

Here you can be one of the first to admire new fashion trends, buy unusual decorative items for your apartment or take a break in one of the countless trendy cafés. My favourite place: Teakha, a really cute gem in the streets of Hong Kong, is a bit hidden in a small side street. In the tea house you can relax after your foray through Hong Kong with a piece of the legendary Matcha cheesecake and a typical Chinese one Tea ceremony experience.

More Hong Kong tips

  • Wong Tai Sin Temple: The smell of incense sticks beguiles your senses as soon as you enter this temple. It is a masterpiece of architecture and was created only from wood, without a single nail. Just amazing, isn't it?
  • Tram: You should definitely not miss a ride on the nostalgic double-decker trams in the city center. The ride upstairs is especially fun. From there you also have a great view over the streets of Hong Kong.
  • Victoria Harbor: When the sun has set and the buildings are spectacularly lit, you have a uniquely magnificent sight of the harbor. Here you can stroll wonderfully and soak up the unique flair of Hong Kong.
  • Chi Lin Nunnery: A particularly spiritual atmosphere awaits you in this monastery, so you can relax wonderfully between artfully planted inner courtyards. Bargain hunters watch out: the visit is even free.
  • Pei Ho Street Market: The market in the poorest district of Hong Kong has nothing in common with the glittering world of the city center, but it is a piece of original Hong Kong. You will probably not meet any other tourist here, the bustling market in the Sham Shui Po district is a real insider tip.

The program for night owls

The skyline of Hong Kong is particularly impressive in the evening and turns the city into one beautiful sea of ​​glitter. But not only the lights of the skyscrapers will enchant you. With the Symphony of the Lights, a colorful laser spectacle, the city surprises its visitors every evening from 8 p.m. You have the best view of the skyline and the light show from the small promenade on the banks of Kowloon. At 467 m above sea level, you have an incredible view of the city in the Ozone, a public bar in the Ritz Carlton. By the way: That is the said one highest bar of the world.

As is to be expected, the drinks there are not really cheap, a beer costs 12 € to be booked. But the free entry compensates for that. My advice: Not quite as atmospheric as the Ozone, but completely free and without other tourists, you have a 360 degree view of Hong Kong from the 46th floor of Central Plaza. Or, after you've seen enough of the sea of ​​lights, you just move on. To celebrate the evening with a few drinks, the exciting Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong's famous pub district, is ideal. You should definitely try the tequila shots here - unlike ours, they are not served with lemon and salt, but wasabi and tomato juice. Sounds strange, but it's incredibly tasty.

Far Eastern temptations

I keep saying it, the best way to get to know a city is through its food. That's why I'm not a fan of going to the big chains, but rather try the local cuisine. That's exactly what I recommend to you.

Street food in Hong Kong

You should definitely let the different smells guide you through the small streets of the city and sip a sugar cane juice - Pure Hong Kong!

Past colorful fruit and vegetable stalls, past the cookshops where Chinese grannies sell their famous noodle soups and never youSecret recipe would reveal, right down to culinary curiosities. Yes, there is actually snake soup in Hong Kong. So don't be frightened if you see queues at the food stalls, in China they are actually a delicacy. I'm honest with you guys, I couldn't bring myself to try them. But maybe you are braver?


One of the cheapest star restaurants in the world awaits you with such a delicious specialty Dim sums, that is, small steamed dishes. In the otherwise rather expensive Hong Kong there is actually here Gourmet food at a bargain price. At Tim Ho Wan, two people can get full for less than € 20 including drinks. The atmosphere is also not chic and forced, as one would expect from a star restaurant, but rather authentic and simple. Simply personable. You have to order the rolls filled with BBQ sauce and pork, which are as soft and fluffy on the inside as dumplings. Really. It's hard to compare to anything else. So be sure to try it!

The food tastes heavenly! I wish Hong Kong wasn't on the other side of the world!

My dear burger friends, instead of walking straight to the familiar Mc Donalds in Hong Kong, you should offer your taste buds a little variety. Western fast food meets Far Eastern tradition at Little Bao. At first glance, the Baos look like hamburgers, but the recipes are based on Chinese tradition. That means: steamed burger buns filled with crispy pork belly meet truffled fries. Sounds strange, but it tastes goodheavenly. This taste experience can really only be topped by the dessert. The sweetly filled burger convinces with a composition of green tea ice cream and condensed milk. Hmmmm, I wish Hong Kong wasn't on the other side of the world!

Green surprises

An incredible 40% of Hong Kong is protected. Even if you probably did not expect it, you can take a break from the hustle and bustle, because you are very quick in nature. Yes even Hiking and beach friends get their money's worth in the mega-metropolis. Amazing, isn't it?


You can already relax in the green in the city center. A visit to Hong Kong Park is particularly worthwhile, because it is a real one oasis in the midst of the dizzying high skyscrapers. In the morning hours, the locals gather on the green areas for morning exercise to recharge their batteries for the day with Qi Gong. Especially nice to get to know the real, even authentic life in Hong Kong. Really a idyllic momentwhen the background melody of birdsong and classical music also sounds.

Dragon hill

On an excursion to Dragon Hill, you can expect undeveloped land with a wild oneJungle landscapeas you might expect in Thailand, but probably less so in Hong Kong. Strolling through small villages you will reach the vantage point after about an hour of leisurely hike. Once you arrive, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view that couldn't be more different.

Dreamy fishing villages on the one hand and the impressive Hong Kong skyline on the other

Watch those lined with green hills, dreamy fishing village with the seemingly endless ocean in the background. If you turn your gaze to the other side, you will see the energetic skyline of Hong Kong with its imposing skyscrapers. Linger a moment and enjoy this unforgettable moment.

Heavenly sandy beach

The Sai Kung Peninsula is an absolute insider tip, only a few people take the route. But you will be welcomed by one of the most beautiful bays I have ever been able to see in my entire life. This appears like an unreal parallel world lonely dream beach in contrast to the high-tech world only a few kilometers away. An incredibly exciting contrast that makes Hong Kong so uniquely stunning for me. I could hardly believe my eyes when I discovered this idyllic piece of earth in the otherwise busy Hong Kong. The Tai Long Wang awaits you deserted, with a white sandy beach and a shimmering turquoise sea.

You can decide whether you choose the scenic 1.5-hour walk or the more comfortable boat trip to get there. I definitely recommend the former, otherwise you will miss a real adventure. By the way: Another natural wonder is right next to the beach. Theimposing waterfall Sheung Luk forms a natural swimming pool - bathing is clearly recommended!

Hong Kong convinces with variety

Yes, it is probably not enough to “tick off” Hong Kong on one weekend. No, in order to be able to experience the city with all its facets, you should plan a longer vacation in Far Eastern Hong Kong. With the diversity offered really worth it and not monotonous at all! Only a few kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, you enter an opulent, fragrant jungle, where you can catch glimpses of the skyscrapers from time to time. So what does it look like? Is your suitcase already packed?

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