How did she break up with you

Girlfriend broke up! How to behave to win them back?

You were happy together, even if there might have been arguments from time to time. Everything was actually good in your relationship, but then you hit out of the blue: Your girlfriend broke up! Ouch!

The pain after the separation is now particularly deep. You are desperate with heartache because she has left you and you still love her idolatrously.

Sure: now you're wondering whether and how you can win back your (ex) girlfriend so that everything is as beautiful as it used to be.

In this article, I'll explain the main reasons why she broke up. I will also give you tips on how to behave now in order to recapture it.

Girlfriend breaks up: reasons for leaving

The agonizing question won't let you go: "Why did she break up?"

Because I'm always honest with you, I have to pour you pure wine today too: A breakup doesn't usually come out of the blue like a sudden thunderstorm.

Often there are warning signs in advance for breaking up - such as frequent arguments, increasing distancing ("Sorry honey, unfortunately I have no time for a meeting today ...") and alienation in the relationship.

But we men often ignore these signs because we are up to our ears in love and cannot see these problems through our rose-colored glasses.

But what are the most common reasons women break up and suddenly leave us out in the rain like watered poodles?

1. No opinion of your own, no strong leadership

I've seen the wildest stories from my clients before the girlfriend broke up and the abandoned men asked me for help.

For example, there was Ingo (27), happy with his partner ... but unfortunately a complete flag in the wind that drifted aimlessly through everyday life.

One day they wanted to find an apartment together and the friend asked Ingo what he wanted, where he wanted to move with her.

Why it came to the separation ...

And what did he reply to his almost-wife? He actually said:

"Oh, you know, I don't care about anything; I am happy everywhere as long as I can be with you! "

Ingo's sentence sounds romantic, but it is fatal for a relationship! He was the famous drop that broke the barrel so that his girlfriend broke up.

Because women don't want an opinionated friend who is soft and pliable like a kitchen sponge, they want a man with a clear demeanor who takes the lead and tells you where to go!

Make clear decisions!

It was only logical that she had left him: Ingo's girlfriend would have wished for a man who would strengthen their partnership as solid as a rock.

She wanted a real doer who would lead the way and organize an appointment with a realtor or a viewing of an apartment in the most beautiful part of the city, because he wants to offer his lady of love a great future ...

2. Desperately cling to the partner

When I was still very inexperienced myself and had my first relationship, I often heard the sentence from my beloved:

“You are restricting me too much. I need more space! "

Shortly afterwards my girlfriend broke up - separation forever! But what does that mean, such a statement with "narrowing" in the partnership?

I started to brood and realized: I was actually clinging like a little monkey. At some point everything revolved around her, as if she were the center of the universe.

My behavior restricted them ...

... and gave her hardly any air to breathe in our relationship!

Would you like an example? I sent her WhatsApp messages almost every hour with annoying questions about what she was doing and whether she was okay.

I only wanted to spend my free time with her, even after work, when she was tired and just wanted to have some peace and quiet. Out of attachment, I was neglecting my own friends, hobbies, and family.

The reason for this clinging was strong fear of loss and a deep dependency with thoughts like: "I can't live without her!" and: "I hope she won't break up with me!".

That's why I was always jealous when she met her best friend ...

Women want independent men!

No wonder my girlfriend broke up! Remember: women want men who are not on their side in the relationship 24/7, but who are free and independent.

This means that the partnership should be just one piece of the mosaic of many in your life - besides your job, friends, family and hobbies.

As a man, you should always signal that you can get along well without the woman for a while, for example if you don't see each other for a week.

3. Other reasons? Listen carefully to her!

Of course, there can be many other reasons why your girlfriend broke up and doesn't want to be with you anymore:

  • depression
  • Relocation because of studies
  • an other man
  • changed interests, so that you have now drifted apart
  • Different ideas about family planning and a common future
  • and much more

So listen carefully to what she says when she separates from you or wants to leave you! Such words are worth gold, because they can give you important insights into why the separation occurred.

Often, however, there are also empty phrases such as: "I just have no more feelings!", "Somehow it doesn't fit between us anymore!" or "I need more time for myself!"

Then you should think for yourself what went wrong in your relationship and why it left you.

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Girlfriend broke up - how did you behave?

After the breakup, you are completely confused with lovesickness and you are now wondering how you should behave in order to win back your (meanwhile) ex.

That's understandable, because you long for her because you love her so much. But how can you react after she leaves you to get back together with her?

Unfortunately, most men make crucial mistakes here when the girlfriend breaks up, so that a new version of the relationship is a long way off.

What you should NOT do now

Do not try now to "fight for the woman" like a brave knight from the fairy tale. Even the chasing after men in love in Hollywood love films is total nonsense in this regard ...

Remember: She broke up with you because she first wants distance and needs time for herself - you should accept that too.

So avoid the following mistakes when she broke up:

  • Discuss and start or get involved in an argument
  • Make accusations and reproaches
  • Beg for a second chance so as not to be abandoned
  • Sending her WhatsApp messages and making calls afterwards all the time
  • Asking for a meeting (with the ulterior motive of getting her back)
  • Desperate questions, for example why she doesn't want to be with you anymore and whether there is still hope for a relationship
  • Be jealous when she makes a new boyfriend
  • Contact your best friend for information

Warning: If you run after her desperately after she broke up, you just keep pouring fuel on the fire.

Then she will feel pressured, feel your deep dependency and emotionally distance herself further and further from you. So the chances of getting it back are sinking.

Keep your distance and keep contact blocking

Conversely, this means: Leave your (ex) girlfriend alone for a while! Separate yourself from her in peace and show regret that your relationship no longer worked out.

After your last conversation, you withdraw completely and do not contact her for at least a whole month. Also, don't reply to her WhatsApp messages or answer the phone if she tries to call you.

That may be tough ... but this is the only way to gain the necessary distance from one another so that each of you can lick your wounds to find inner peace of mind again.

And only through this total contact block increase the chances that it will not leave you for good. Sounds paradoxical, but that's how it is!

Think about mistakes and change behavior

As I said, your breakup did not come out of the blue. Your friend broke up because she was unhappy with you - even if she loved you in the beginning.

So don't just look to her to blame, but take responsibility for the course of your relationship yourself.

Because you cannot change other people anyway, after all, you are not a magician. Only yours own You can correct behavior to prevent such a sudden breakup from happening again in the future.

Therefore, use the one-month contact ban between you to think about yourself in peace.

Ask yourself the crucial question!

Ask yourself once: "How did I contribute to the failure of our partnership and that my friend broke up?"

Be honest with yourself and relentlessly expose your own wrongdoing in your relationship, but without judging yourself and "finishing off".

Instead, treat yourself like a good friend who is loving to you and can forgive yourself for all the mistakes that led to the abandonment.

The good thing: If, after thinking about it, you know your mistakes and omissions, you also know what you need to change in your behavior in the future so that your girlfriend doesn't break up so easily.

And the good news about the breakup:

She met you back then and loved you. That means, basically you are exactly the type of person for a relationship. You just have to get back to the man she fell in love with.

So find your way back to old strength!

When you have done that and time has healed all the wounds, you can lift the block on contact with the woman and start the project "win back your ex-girlfriend".

Winning Ex Girlfriend Back - What Are The Chances?

Hopes in the case of lovesickness can be justified, because a separation does not always mean the final end:

Often the girlfriend breaks up because she wants to gain a little distance from your everyday life together in order to think with a clear head whether the relationship still has a future.

Sometimes, however, leaving is also a hidden request to us men:

The woman secretly wants to wake you up and find out whether this warning shot can make you the strong and self-confident man again, with whom she fell in love ...

... and who she actually wants to be with!

Girlfriend breaks up, but still loves you

Yes, something like that happens: Your girlfriend broke up even though she still loves you. Either she says openly that she still has feelings or you notice it between the lines.

You can recognize their feelings, for example, by the following signals:

  • She says she still loves you / wants to be with you.
  • She still answers.
  • She is still writing to you.
  • She raves about earlier times in your relationship.
  • She wants to meet you again.
  • She reacts jealously to your contact with other women.

In this article, you will learn the most important signs of whether your ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you.

Girlfriend breaks up - has no more feelings

But I don't want to paint the sky full of pink clouds and colorful rainbows for you either. The truth: once the china is broken, it's hard to re-cement the relationship.

You can tell by the following signs that it will be very difficult to win your girlfriend back once she has left you:

  • She no longer answers / ignores you.
  • She says she has run out of feelings.
  • As soon as you see, hear or write each other, there is bitter argument.
  • She hits you violently in the head.
  • She broke up because of another man.
  • Or she even has a new boyfriend.
  • Since the breakup, she seems very happy - as if it was a break free.

In this case, you should finally forget your meanwhile ex-girlfriend, let go of her and overcome the pain of separation in order to dare to start over at some point.

Solution: distract yourself and defeat lovesickness!

What can you do now when your girlfriend broke up and your breakup is final?

The best recipe for separation pain is distraction so that you don't feel so tortured, lonely and abandoned anymore. You can do this with friends, hobbies and trips that make you think differently.

But by far the best medicine for lovesickness is new women you get to know in everyday life. This is how you can see that there are also many other great girls, and maybe you will soon have a new girlfriend with whom you will be happy ...

How can you find a new relationship? I will help you - together we can do it!

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