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Difference between Int. Business Administration and Int. Business management?

Sling90  📅 02.07.2010 12:57:22
Difference Between Int. Business Administration and Int. Business management?
I have been looking for a suitable course of study for some time and have now narrowed it down to 3 areas: Business Administration, Int. Business Administration and Int. Business management.
But what is the difference between the last two?
I've been google all morning to finally be able to make a decision and then I came across this forum =)
Can you help me?
Many Thanks

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Cautic  📅 02.07.2010 13:05:48
Re: Difference Between Int. Business Administration and Int. Business management?

There is no difference between these courses. The international business courses can have a wide variety of names - international business, international business management, international business administration, foreign trade ...
However, in principle every international business course is different from every other. It can also happen that one International Business Management degree is very different from another, but is very similar to an International Business Administration degree.
Then, in principle, one can still speak of different types of these degree programs.
Version 1 simply has the name, but does not differ from a normal business degree.
Version 2 integrates language courses, but does not differ from a normal business administration degree.
Version 3, the "real" international business course, integrates not only language training but also events on business, politics and the like in the target country.
Sling90  📅 02.07.2010 14:03:55
Re: Difference Between Int. Business Administration and Int. Business management?
First of all, thanks for the quick reply
What makes it so difficult for me to decide is that I am currently asking myself whether I should just choose a normal business degree or an international business degree. I really want to include my language skills in my studies, I took English and Spanish in the upper school and my interest in the English language in particular makes the decision so difficult for me ^^
Do you think you have better chances of finding a job after your studies if you have studied international business instead of just business administration?
Does anyone know of recommended universities that are good in this area?
For example, I heard from the university in Tübingen that it was good for Int. Business Administration, can sb name a few good universities that are recommended in this area?
Cautic  📅 02.07.2010 14:44:17
Re: Difference Between Int. Business Administration and Int. Business management?
You can also integrate your language skills into a business administration degree by attending language courses. Every university offers such language courses in many languages ​​and at many different levels. Nowadays you can no longer ignore English even with a normal (good) business administration degree, as the language is no longer an additional qualification, but an absolute basic requirement.
I think that the career opportunities are the same, especially with such similar courses. Nowadays, after all, it no longer just depends on what you studied and how good you were, but also on what additional qualifications you acquired during your studies. This includes, for example, internships, stays abroad (you can also do a semester abroad in a normal business administration degree), foreign language skills (see above) and many other little things such as volunteer work or student engagement.
However, one should generally be careful with international business courses. For some, the proportion of languages ​​is high and accordingly there is a lack of content from the business administration area. Therefore, international business courses often have a longer standard period of study.
In principle, international business is mainly a university of applied sciences degree. The universities are far from that far, especially when it comes to linking the subjects. Incidentally, the University of Tübingen does not have a very good reputation in the business administration sector - neither with students nor on the job market. The University of Tübingen scores above all in the field of economics (international economics).
Which universities are recommended, of course, also crucially depends on which languages ​​you want to study. If you only want to study English and Spanish, the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences and the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences are particularly recommended. Both enjoy an excellent reputation in practice and among students. The Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences is also recommended, but you would also have to learn the Arabic language there. Highly recommended, but very rural, is the FH Furtwangen. There is a German-language and an English-language course and the Spanish cultural area can be selected as a focus. The Münster University of Applied Sciences also has a good program.
Sling90  📅 02.07.2010 16:47:13
Re: Difference Between Int. Business Administration and Int. Business management?
Oh ok
Does that mean that if I want to study at a university, I should rather take business studies and then do the corresponding extra services such as semesters abroad, internships, language courses, etc.?
I think that this international business sounds more interesting than just business administration, because this semester abroad is already integrated.
Somehow I also have the feeling that, due to globalization, such courses will become more important in the future than just business administration now, because afterwards you will simply be better educated on an international level, right?
Cautic  📅 02.07.2010 17:06:47
Re: Difference Between Int. Business Administration and Int. Business management?
If you want to study at the university, I would recommend that you take a normal business degree at a good university. Every university offers the opportunity to do a semester abroad and language courses. As a rule, you also have enough time for internships - for example during the semester break.
As a rule (of course there are exceptions) you have to organize yourself at the university, while at the technical college you will be given a lot of support. This is the only reason why the semester abroad is already integrated.
With regard to the international level, it makes no difference whether you studied business administration or international business. International content has long since made its way into normal business administration courses, if not before the advent of international business courses. From a purely technical point of view, you are just as internationally trained with a business administration degree as with an international business degree.
Sling90  📅 03.07.2010 13:10:06
Re: Difference Between Int. Business Administration and Int. Business management?
First of all, thank you Cautic for your good advice
I would like to study at a university and of course have already asked about a few good ones in the field of business administration.
So far I have the following where I am considering to apply: Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart Hohenheim, LMU Munich.
Do you maybe know another one that is also very recommendable?

If you hear my "case" now ^^ would you recommend me to go to a university or a university of applied sciences? I have an average of 2.0 and you already know my interests in studying
What do you think would be better for me

Kind regards
Sling90  📅 05.07.2010 11:31:56
Re: Difference Between Int. Business Administration and Int. Business management?
That's why I left out the University of Mannheim = D
I was already aware that I couldn't get in there with my cut ^^ and besides, the city shouldn't be so the burner = D

I think I'll apply to the LMU Munich and Hohenheim once.
I have to think about which other universities I should still apply to = /
Münster is a bit too far away from my hometown for me , I don't want to go that far away. I think I'll still apply to the University of Frankfurt.

Is there anything else I should consider or a few tips?
listeners  📅 05.07.2010 17:34:17
Re: Difference Between Int. Business Administration and Int. Business management?
Have a look at the University of Augsburg: economics / law - I think that makes a great impression and the master’s offered there is great!