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Registering unemployed: documents you need now

Unemployment is not the end of the world, even if it may feel that way to you at first. With the right action and a positive attitude, you can soon be back in wages. Thousands of case managers in job centers and employment agencies are busy getting unemployed people back into work. You should have all the important documents together when registering as unemployed so that the recruitment agency can help you optimally and the processing process is faster.

The essentials in brief:

  • Register personally at the employment agency responsible for you on the day after your last official working day.
  • If you register as unemployed, documents such as identity card, letter of resignation, working papers and income tax card should be brought with you in order to speed up the processing process.
  • Most of the documents can be submitted later. However, the start of the payment of unemployment benefits can then be delayed.
  • When registering unemployment, it is best to apply directly for the unemployment benefit to which you are entitled. The applications are available online or directly at the employment agency.

Important: register early as a jobseeker

Before you register as unemployed and gather documents for it, you should register as a jobseeker. Incidentally, the terms “jobseeker” and “unemployed” do not mean the same thing. You are already looking for a job if you are still working but have already been given notice. Even with fixed-term employment contracts, you are considered to be looking for work three months before the end of the employment relationship. You will only become unemployed on the day on which you are no longer officially employed.

You can register as a jobseeker by contacting the Employment Agency directly. However, it is also sufficient to call 0800 455 55 00 to register as a jobseeker or to use the employment agency's online form. In order to register as unemployed, however, you have to go directly to the employment agency. When you are there and register as unemployed in person, you should already have all of the documents with you. In this way, you can prevent unnecessary delays in the further processing process right from the start.

How to find your local employment agency

There are more than 150 employment agencies across Germany with around 600 branches and 300 job centers. Your place of residence determines which office is responsible for you. The easiest way to find the address of the office responsible for you is to use the search function on the employment agency's online portal. Simply enter your postcode here and you will receive an overview of the departments with addresses and telephone numbers. On this page you will also find information about jobs on offer, further training opportunities and other relevant events.

Registering as unemployed after termination: What documents do I have to bring with me?

Bring all the documents you need to register as unemployed and speed up the most important process: finding a new job. In addition, the application for unemployment benefit can be processed faster and you do not have to fear any penalties for exceeding deadlines.

The indispensable documents include an official photo ID, i.e. your identity card or a passport with confirmation of registration, residence permit and work permit. This is the only way to correctly assign it to your case file and correctly calculate your entitlement to unemployment benefit.

If you come from a job and have been dismissed, you will also need the notice of termination as well as the previous employment contract and a certificate of employment from the employer. In addition, the presentation of the social security card is mandatory. Finally, you should bring an up-to-date résumé with you so that the responsible case manager knows what knowledge and skills you have.

With these documents and records, the recruitment agency can better assess which skills you bring with you and which potentials could perhaps be accessed through vocational training. This can speed up the search for a new job.

Documents for registering unemployment at a glance

  • Identity card or passport with confirmation of registration, work permit, residence permit
  • Social security card
  • Notice of termination, employment contract, certificate of employment
  • Current curriculum vitae

Expert tip

When you report your unemployment, you should also apply for unemployment benefit directly. You will also need many of the unemployment registration documents for this application. You can even fill out the associated form online in advance, saving you time on site.

Register as unemployed: Documents can be submitted later

If you want to register as unemployed but do not have all the documents to hand, that is not a problem. Nevertheless, go to the employment agency on the first day of your actual unemployment and register as unemployed. A later submitted document has less consequences than a belated notification. In particular, documents that you received from your former employer often arrive with a certain delay. You are not to blame for this and your responsible clerk understands that too.

However, all documents for registering as unemployed can only be submitted after a certain period of time. It is best to clarify these deadlines directly with the clerk on site. Often these are very accommodating. Especially if you are otherwise punctual and polite. In your own interest, however, you should not procrastinate. The sooner all documents are available, the sooner you will receive your unemployment benefit and support in your job search.

Note deadlines for reporting

Keyword deadlines: The employees of the employment agencies attach great importance to the fact that the unemployment report is carried out immediately. For example, if your employment contract officially expires on May 31st, you have to go to the agency directly on June 1st, provided that this is a regular working day of the week. If you register too late, you may lose your entitlement to unemployment benefit for the period of the delay. Nevertheless, this period will be counted towards the total entitlement. If you register one month too late and were entitled to twelve months of cash withdrawals, you are then only entitled to eleven months of unemployment benefit I. The duration of the entitlement to unemployment benefit I depends on the length of your previous employment, but also on your age. In this article you will find out everything you need to know about unemployment benefit I.

In a nutshell: documents when registering as unemployed

Register as unemployed at the employment agency no later than the day after your last day of work. If you register as unemployed, you must bring the following documents with you: ID card or passport with appropriate certificates as well as notice of termination, working papers and the income tax card. If necessary, you can also submit most of the documents later. Discuss this with your clerk beforehand.

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