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When the spices crackle in the pan, exotic aromas waft through the kitchen and soft ragas whisper in the background, I'm in my element: Indian cuisine is the ultimate for me. Even if I love the fresh, herbal Thai cuisine as well as the feel-good cuisine of Italy or the recipes of my Hessian childhood - as soon as I adjust my turban and stand at the mortar, I am blissful. Others may achieve this state through meditation or yoga. I cook Indian. But for you yogis and spiritual people I have here today Instagram to raffle something very special! Take a look over there ...

The best of over 120 Indian recipes

Whether elaborate and meaty curries from Mughlai cuisine, vegan curries or Indian street food - in recent years I have continued to develop my taste and kitchen techniques around India's cuisine (s). Very important: putting together your own spice mixes. Purchased curry powder or ready-made garam masala only come into my pan in exceptional cases. But even then, Indian recipes don't always have to be elaborate.

So off to India!

Madras curry

It is a wonderfully warm curry Madras curry, which is perfect for stews with lamb, pork or beef (yes, that is also eaten in the non-Hindu parts of India) - but also refines dips and chutneys. In any case, it must never run out. If you cook Indian less often, only prepare a small amount. Crushed spices quickly lose their aromas. Store in a dark and dry place! You can find the recipe here (Simply click on the link).

Garam Masala

And while we're on the subject of spice mixtures: Garam Masala is of course an essential part of Indian cuisine! My recipe for Garam Masala as well as a selection of my favorite dishes with the warming spice mixture I have it here.

Fast fish curry from Kerala

Kerala is the country where the coconut palms grow. In 2012 we also visited this Christian-Muslim region, which again gives a completely different picture of the huge subcontinent. The ONE India just doesn't exist. And so the kitchens also differ. In Kerala you cook a lot of fish dishes - and they like to cook them with coconut milk or shavings. The quick fish curry is not only one of my favorite Indian recipes, but also easy for beginners. You can find the recipe here.

Methi Murgh - Chicken with fenugreek leaves

Don't worry, you can find dried methi (fenugreek leaves) in every Asian shop. They last forever and are just delicious. Should you ever get a fresh one, be sure to grab it! The leaves give many Indian recipes that very specific, tart and spicy kick. The fenugreek seeds are much more resinous, by the way. So do not replace leaves with seeds! Here is the recipe for my quick chicken curry aka Methi Murgh.

Lamb Madras - spicy lamb curry

If you've ever ground up your Madras Curry (see above), this Lamb Madras would be the perfect introduction to the slowly braised meat dishes of Indian cuisine. If you have a little time, indulge yourself with this favorite recipe! You can find the recipe for Lamb Madras here.Laal Maas, a lamb curry from Rajasthan, is even more fiery. But maybe you want to feel your way first?

Indian scrambled eggs with spinach and onions

Whether as a hearty breakfast, for brunch or just like that: The Indian-seasoned scrambled eggs by TV chef Gordon Ramsey is a quick aroma kick for everyone who does not stand in the kitchen forever but still want to enjoy Indian cuisine. If you love spinach as much as I do: “Palak” on the menu always means that a dish has been prepared with spinach. The recipe for scrambled eggs can be found here.

Mumbai masala toast

Indians are crazy about street food. They eat all the time - if they can afford it. But vegetarian snacks are cheap even by Indian standards. And because it is never certain when you will get something again, people snack on every opportunity. If you have boiled potatoes from the day before, this is it Mumbai masala toast quickly finished! The recipe you can find here.

Samosas - the Queen of Street Food!

Speaking of street food: Samosas should of course not be missing in my favorite Indian recipes! I have detailed information on where I ate the very best samosa of my life, what it cost and how it works step by step at home here are available. You can find a somewhat simpler samosa recipe that is not quite as authentic here.

Chana Punjabi - chickpea curry with black tea

Even after many years, Indian cuisine continues to surprise me. Who would have thought that when pulled in black tea, canned chickpeas acquire an incomparable aroma that makes them irresistible. The vegan Chana Punjabi (Chana = chickpea) is great to prepare and reheat - it only gets better! The recipe for Chana Punjabi can be found here.

Paratha Palak Aloo - flat bread filled with spinach and potatoes

Breads are an essential part of every Indian menu. With a hearty filling, they are delicious and filling on their own. But of course they are also wonderful for taking up saucy curries. After all, people eat by hand in India. I especially love the flatbread filled with spinach and potatoes. Coriander, peas and cauliflower are also popular fillings. You can find the recipe for Paratha Palak Aloo here.

Aloo Matar Paneer - potatoes, peas and cream cheese

I have explained step by step how you can make paneer, the Indian cream cheese, yourself. It's not difficult at all. It's even easier if you can find paneer in an Indian or Asian supermarket! The highlight of my Aloo Matar Paneer is the paneer cheese that has been fried crispy in the pan. And yet the preparation is lightning fast! In general: If you want to eat vegetarian or even vegan, you will find countless ideas in Indian cuisine! You can find the recipe for Aloo Matar Paneer here.

Pork Vindaloo

Vindaloos are hellishly spicy, slightly acidic dishes made famous by the Portuguese and later the English colonial rulers. Here many influences flow together to create something wonderful. But be careful! A Vindaloo MUST be spicy. Not everyone likes it. A Vindaloo variant with pork is one of my favorite Indian recipes. But of course there are also Vindaloos with lamb or beef. The I have posted Vindaloo with pork and more about the origin of the dish here. And via the respective link there are also the variants with chicken, lamb or beef.

More favorite Indian recipes?

Oh my gooooott! We haven't even got over yet Daal, talked about the delicious lentils. Or about the numerous side dishes such asCabbage Thoran. And what about anyway Chutneys?? Folks, we urgently need to talk again about a 2nd part of the “Best of Indian Food”. URGENT!

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Of course, you can also just browse the blog yourself and find your very own favorite Indian recipes. Simply search for “India” in the sidebar on the right under “Categories” or click here. By the time you have all 120 recipes through, I have calmed down again. And now something pretty is raffled off on Instagram ...