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Raiders (faction)

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Game mechanics

Raider sometimes referred to as bandits, any group of wastelands who have no qualms about pillaging, pillaging, killing others, or ruining someone's day are unfortunate enough if you are not one of them. Bandits tend to organize themselves into loose alliances of gangs in the post-apocalyptic wasteland and are an ongoing problem. Bandits typically hunt travelers and very small towns, but avoid more populous areas where they are outnumbered and have no element of surprise.

Numerous groups of bandits can be found all over the wasteland, often consisting of only a few people. Most make their living chasing after other residents, usually for no reason whatsoever (other than for the thrill). However, others, besides the khan and the 80s, only attack in order to survive, according to tribal rules.[1]

Core region


In addition to a large number of different smaller raider groups, there were three larger raider gangs - originating from Vault 15.

  • "The Jackals" are a typical raider gang. Its members have no morals and are just trying to survive. They overrun their enemies and only start a fight if they can win it.
  • “The Vipers” claim to be followers of an ancient religion. They usually attack at night under cover of darkness and trust in their strength. They use poison arrows with which they can paralyze and kill opponents.
  • “The Khans” are arguably the most dangerous group. Its members live like Mongolian warriors. They burn down cities and enslave the survivors. Most of the time, small groups form and roam the wasteland. In larger operations, however, small armies can also form. The members mostly use melee weapons and rarely use firearms because they consider their use cowardly.


After 80 years, the old groups disbanded, so that many different raider groups have emerged. However, only a few of these are important or larger groups:

  • There is a raider group located north of Broken Hills. They are supplied with weapons by a New Reno and work for the NCR. They act more like mercenaries, but are still considered raiders and work quite tactically.
  • New Khans are the descendants of the original group and hide in the ruined corridors of Vault 15.


There are a total of four raider bands in the Mojave. Two small and two large gangs.

These two raider bands are located on Highway 93 at the Nevada Highway Patrol station and east of Nipton. After the NCR has largely destroyed them, they are no more than petty opportunistic criminals.

The second clan, the Vipers, are mysterious followers of an ancient religion (or so they claim). They usually only come out at night to hunt for food or to conduct raids. They are ruthless in combat and prefer stealth to strength. They usually carry bone knives dipped in Pit Viper venom, which, when in the blood stream, paralyzes the victim. Most victims captured in this way are taken back to their hideout

The Great Khans are one of the largest clans led by Papa Khan and reside in Red Rock Canyon. They have an alliance with Caesar's Legion to take revenge on the NCR at the Hoover Dam for the crime in Bitter Springs. In return, Caesar rewarded the Great Khan with the land west of the Colorado that would belong to them. If Caesar's Legion wins at Hoover Dam, the Legion will not give the promised land to the Great Khan, but the Great Khan will be forcibly integrated and the women will be sold to high officers.

Wasteland of the capital

The capital wasteland raiders are mostly hostile, lawless, and drugged brutal people who settled in the Washington, D.C. wasteland. drifting around. They have little in common with the west coast raiders, save for the fiends of the Mojave Wasteland. You can find them in smaller groups who have a wide range of weapons at their disposal. Occasionally you will also find raiders who hunt with dogs. All raiders wear raider armor (except in raider brothels, such as in Evergreen Mills) and mostly have dirty skin. The raiders in the capital wasteland have no common leader, only the individual gangs. Ashur from The Pitt controls a slightly larger group of raiders.

Raiders have no alliances with other factions and attack everyone except slavers. They seem very cruel, as the places they inhabit are usually littered with body parts from other raiders and wasteland. This leads to the assumption that they torture prisoners and, on occasion, their own people.

The largest known gang of raiders has built a barbaric town in Evergreen Mills. The canyon, which is easy to defend, serves as their base of operations. Rumor has it that the raiders are selling prisoners to the slave traders.[1]

Mojave wasteland

The Joshua Tree-speckled mountains provide a surprising amount of cover, especially the rock-strewn washes that run east-west just south of Nelson. This is the perfect location for packs of anarchic hunters, grifters, and psychotics to wait for an opportunity to steal, kidnap, or kill. These loosely-knit Raider gangs revel in chaos and anarchy. The Jackals are no more than a handful of scarred and tattooed reprobates, scraping out a living by preying on anything weaker than them. The (slightly) more organized Viper Gang consist of a slightly more skilled collection of ne'er-do-wells, dug in close to major roads to rob and plunder travelers and Merchant Caravans. Further north, are two much more pitiful gangs, who have lost their brethren (both in violence, or by recruitment) to the Fiends; the stinking Greaser Gang who terrorize the Nord Vegas Sewers, and the Scorpion Gang, who fight intermittent skirmishes with Westside residents. There are also two other major raider groups: the Unholde and the drug-making and trafficking Großkhane. All these raiders have little driving purpose or goal, other than to live to see tomorrow and raise as much hell as possible today.[2]


In the Commonwealth raiders are more organized than before. Raiders are now more technologically advanced and can utilize machine gun turrets and automatic spotlights - some raider leaders have even re-purposed power armor for themselves. However, raiders in the Commonwealth do not have a centralized organization, and are split into several groups. According to the terminals and dialogue, some of these groups antagonize each other, while some stay out of each other's way. For example, Red Tourette's group have constant skirmishes against Tower Tom's crew.

These raiding groups rarely have set names and are mostly referred to by their leaders, with some exceptions like the Forged (the Forged themselves aren't originally from the Commonwealth, thus why they might be different) and the L&L Gang, a loose alliance of raider gangs. Raiders seem to follow an unspoken chain of command, though not as structured as the Gunners.

In Fallout 4, raiders can be heard conversing with each other, sometimes telling stories or joking with each other. The members also seem to have close bonds with one another as they often get enraged when some of their comrades are killed. Notes and terminals also shows that raiders care more about each other (e.g. Intervention note) though they still possess the same bloodthirstiness that raiders have in Fallout 3.

Raiders, like many factions, do not treat synths and the Railroad favorably. Most notable is the L&L gang, who have reputation to be violent towards synths. This is evidenced by the mass-graves of Railroad Operatives in Kendall Hospital, an ex-Railroad safehouse now controlled by raiders.

Raiders are less aggressive according to the lore - they prefer to extort and negotiate with settlers than killing them outright (though this is not shown in-game). Raiders earn protection money from Bunker Hill caravans and spends money in places like Combat Zone, a raider-only bar, showhouse and wrestling ring.


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