What religion did the pilgrims flee from?

The story of Sundus Al Najar

Sundus Al Najar is a Jesidin. In 1999 the writer and English teacher fled from Sadam Hussein's dictatorial regime. In 2003 she finally came to Vienna. Sundus Al Najar only found out what it means to be able to live freely here in Europe, she explains.


Consignment notice

"Religions of the World" on October 10, 2015, 4:55 pm, ORF 2

They come from different countries and had to leave their homeland for different reasons - but their exile stories are always linked to their religious affiliation. The ORF program "Religions of the World" portrayed five people who had to go into exile in the course of their lives or who are currently in exile:

The Jewess Margarete Schön Healy, the Muslim Ali Reza Bahrami, the Buddhist Yangdon Tenzin, the Jesidin Sundus Al-Najar and the Jew Ilan Knapp. Today they all live in Austria.

The "Exil" series started on Saturday, October 3rd, 4:55 pm, ORF 2 with the story of Ilan Knapp.

Design: Julia Wallnöfer
Editor: Barbara Krenn

On the coming Saturdays, the following people will be introduced:

  • Saturday, October 17th:
    Yangdon Tenzin is a Buddhist of Tibetan tradition. As a little girl, she and her family had to flee because of their beliefs. The way led via Nepal to India. Finally, seven years ago, she came to Vienna at the age of 15.
  • Saturday, October 24th:
    Ali Reza Bahrami is a Muslim. The Afghan says of himself that he has actually always lived in exile. His parents fled Afghanistan to Iran before he was born. As a 13-year-old he arrived in Vienna alone. He has now found a home with a Muslim family.
  • Saturday, October 31st:
    Margarete Schön Healy is Jewish. In 1938 she managed to escape from Vienna to the USA. In exile in America, she felt a stranger for a long time. Half a life passed before she came back to Austria.

All portraits will also be shown at the Jewish Film Festival Vienna (from October 7th to 22nd), which this year is dedicated to the topic of “Exile”.

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