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American food culture

When you think of food and America, fast food and McDonald’s first come to mind. America is not only a land of contrasts in terms of landscape, but also in terms of food culture. However, if you are here for an extended period of time, you should take the trouble to find out what typical American families like to eat.

The breakfast is more generous than in Germany. Conversely, Americans are more cautious about lunch. While there are no essential preferences for dinner in Germany, everyone just as they like it, this part of the day is sacred to most Americans.

Breakfast in the USA

While breakfast is very different in Germany, some love it, others prefer to do without it right away, in America breakfast is one of those for most families firmly established tradition. The Americans have a lot of breakfast and plenty of it. Two variants have prevailed.

The hearty breakfast

While we Germans also know eggs or scrambled eggs for breakfast, these ingredients are mostly reserved for the weekend or special occasions. Americans who the hearty variant prefer to eat these egg dishes daily or at least regularly. Other ingredients are Beans, bacon, sausages and fried ham.

Given these ingredients, anyone can imagine the high levels of fat, calories, and carbohydrates. In Germany we only know such a hearty breakfast in hotels from the breakfast buffet. The preparation of these ingredients alone needs a corresponding lead time. Hardly anyone in Germany takes this time.

The sweet breakfast

Not all Americans prefer such a hearty breakfast, however. Sweet dishes are also popular. However, in terms of nutritional and fat values, this variant is not much healthier than a hearty start to the day. You don't know rolls and bread, come instead Pancakes, cinnamon rolls and other things sweet pastries, sweetened toast and for the kids cornflakes and milk on the table.

Lunch in the USA

That is the time of day for the Americans more cautious than the Germans. Hence, it is often used on sandwiches, fast foods or others small meals resorted to. These are eaten on a park bench or at other meeting points.

That Americans place less emphasis on this meal is probably right often that traditional sense of family traced back. The children are at school and the parents work, everyone is on their own, friends and colleagues, on the other hand, are not a complete substitute for accompanying meals.

Dinner in the USA

Americans love traditional family dining. There is now enough time to prepare a sumptuous dinner. Unhealthy variants such as Burger, Pizza and Backed potatos. Mexican dishes and salads are also increasingly finding their way onto the table.


Hardly an American wants to do without the daily dose of snacks, because numerous variations of cookies (biscuits) and muffins are part of it American way of life to. Bars with peanuts and chocolate as well as peanut butter are eaten in combination with toast.


Grilling is a traditional American way of life that is lived out on every occasion. Bratwurst, as in Germany, is less known, instead, large, juicy steaks and baked potatoes grilled. Numerous types of sauces are particularly tasty.

Of course, American food culture is not limited to the varieties listed above; these are simply the most popular ones, preferred by many Americans. Germans who stay in the US for a long time, however, will quickly notice that the diverse bread culture, rolls with jam and healthy breakfast ingredients such as muesli, fruit, yogurt and quark are hardly known.

However, it is similar Coffee enjoymentbecause Americans love the invigorating drink made from coffee beans as much as we do. In most restaurants you pay for the first cup of coffee, each additional cup is free. Large carafes or glasses of water, which are automatically served with every meal, are also unusual for German holidaymakers.

The American coffee

In Germany and in many European countries we are used to Coffee of all quality grades from simple "Muckefuck" to fine coffee made from Arabica beans. While Americans spend more time on breakfast and dinner than we Germans do, coffee is very different.

Regardless of whether there is a family party with an elegantly set table or a friend just comes by, the quality has to be right. We either grind the coffee ourselves, or at least we make sure to buy a high quality ground variety. Of course there are people in America too good coffee Value, in general, however, the preparation must be quick and require little work.

Here it can happen that Nescafé comes into the cup and is simply poured over it with hot water from the tap. Like McDonald’s it’s too Starbucks made wide in the USA. The coffee here is a little stronger and more aromatic, almost the way we Europeans love it.

The high quality tradition of baristas is gradually arriving in America. At home with the family, more “practical” coffee is drunk. Ground coffee powder is also poured into the jug here, and boiling water is poured over it, but mostly it is simply drunk black. Only about ten percent of Americans look for good quality coffee.

American coffee also contains less starch and therefore less caffeine. Those who prefer stronger coffee should try the Mexican varieties. These are mainly drunk in the states near the Mexican border. The Coffee capsules have now also arrived in America. According to a study, the consumption of these capsule products has increased by more than 130 percent in recent years.

Are a real hit Starbucks "credit cards". However, these are not real credit cards, but prepaid cards that work in a similar way to a voucher. The recipients can use these cards to pay for their drinks and food at Starbucks.

American cuisine

Of course, America is not all about fast food, hearty breakfasts and fatty and sweet dishes. Different cultures have left their mark on American cuisine. In the western states along the California coast, seafood, fish and vegetables are popular.

Also Asian dishes one knows here and everywhere where larger Asian, mostly Chinese, communities have settled. The southern cuisine preferred Rice, corn and poultry dishes. In the state of Louisiana along the Mississippi Delta is still the sharp one today Cajun cuisine from the French colonial era popular. In addition to seafood and hot spices, the typical ingredients are tomatoes, rice, sweet potatoes, roux, gravy and beans.

Also the creole cuisine, which has found its way here from the Caribbean countries, is eaten with pleasure. This is also quite common in Florida. A lot of curry, seafood, fruit and vegetables are used here.

In Texas and in the states along the Mexican border is the Tex-Mex cuisine widespread. This has many influences from the typical sharp mexican cuisine accepted. This in turn goes back to the Spanish colonial times. Popular foods include enchiladas, fajitas, burritos, and tacos. These are wheat tortillas in which various ingredients such as meat and vegetables are rolled up with sauce and spices. Beans and chilli are particularly popular.

American restaurants

The guests look for each other not even find a placebut wait for a waiter to assign them a table. During the stay, this waiter is also responsible for the relevant company. The American table manners also differ from the European ones.

Of course you are here with a knife and fork, but the food is cut completely smallto eat the bite-sized bites only with a fork. The other hand often disappears under the table, which we consider to be a bad eating habit. Important is the tip, the tip. Although this is not required by law, it is expected. A tip of 10 percent of sales belongs to good form. Leaving the restaurant without a tip is inappropriate and, in the worst case, can lead to a ban on the house.