How do I unlock my Instagram account

Instagram: Account locked? One should do that

In order to be able to share and view pictures in the social media app Instagram, you need an account. In some cases it can happen that the Instagram account is blocked.

This occurs especially if the terms of use have been violated. If the account is blocked, it does not necessarily mean the end of social media life.

Instagram account blocked: reasons and causes

Usually a lock lasts 24 hours. After this period you can access your profile again. However, you should understand the access block as a warning shot. If you repeatedly violate the terms of use, the ban can last longer and even be imposed for life. During the imposed time, you have no choice but to wait until the account has been activated again. You can only file an objection if you can prove that your account has been blocked for no good reason. Reasons for blocking can be, for example, the following:

  • Uploading pictures with inappropriate content, for example nude pictures or photos with violent content
  • Copyright infringement by uploading images that do not belong to you
  • Misconduct in comments, for example insults or calls for criminal offenses
  • Using bots, for example for a lot of likes and comments within a short period of time
  • Follower buying
  • Fake profiles

You can read more reasons in the Instagram terms of use.

Instagram: Account locked? This is how you can restore it

If you are absolutely convinced that you have not violated the community standards, you can appeal against the account ban:

  1. After trying to log in, you will be informed that your account has been blocked.
  2. Here you can click on "More on this" to press.
  3. The option "raise an objection“.
  4. In the form you have to indicate that you have not violated community guidelines and the Account blocked wrongly has been.
  5. To Submit the form your case will be examined. However, it may take a few days to process.

This is how you can block other users on Instagram (video):

Has your account been wrongly blocked? What happened Has it been unlocked again or is the problem still there? Post it in our comments!

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