Where was this photo taken most likely

Instagram users take note: The 'Photo Map' app function makes it easy for stalkers

The photo and video sharing platform Instagram is attracting more and more people: As heise.de recently reported, more than half of all 18 to 29 year olds worldwide now use the Facebook network, and the trend is rising. But be careful: the popular Instagram app also harbors a great danger. It is all too easy for strangers to monitor our habits there if we publish our pictures without due caution.

The danger lurks in the use of the filters that this app offers. But it is precisely these that have recently become very popular - especially with celebrities. Even Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, has an Instagram account through which she (or her management) shares private photos. But not only Michelle Obama's pictures can be followed on Instagram, but also her location data.














This is made possible by a feature that is available to all Instagram app users when they share a picture. In addition to various color and mood filters, you can also add the location to your picture via the smartphone GPS. Instagram then shows the photos on a world map, depending on where they were taken or shared.

But what the First Lady conveys with her Instagram pictures captured on the world map is not pure fun. It also endangers their safety. It also serves as a role model for millions of Instagram users when it comes to publishing their own pictures. As expected, most of Michelle Obama's photos were taken in the White House. And most likely there are people in your team who are strictly careful not to reveal any secret whereabouts of the first woman in the state via Instagram.











However, many other celebrities share their whereabouts much more carelessly through their Instagram posts. That way, they make it easier for their followers to stalk them. Because they can see where the photos were uploaded and thus see what habits the celebrities have or which places they like to go.

A world-famous star who shares his 'photo map' with his fans is Beyonce. If you click on their profile, you can see where the picture was taken or uploaded. This information, which, by the way, can only be seen via the Instagram mobile app, is not automatically shared. When a user uploads their photo to Instagram, they can turn on the 'Add to photo card' setting. Only when he does this can his followers see where the picture was taken or uploaded.













However, not all celebrities share their location information with the public. For example, Tailor Swift and Kim Kardashian didn't enable this setting. While they have a lively relationship with their followers, they don't risk thousands of fans monitoring their preferences and habits. They keep their favorite places to themselves.

We don't need to explain in more detail what can happen when strangers can easily follow our everyday paths, preferences and habits using Instagram. Starting with stalking and theft (if we are out of the house at the same time every day, it is easy for thieves to break in) criminal activity is opened the door and gate to criminal activity. However, there is also good news: If you regret now or in the future that you have left location notices on Instagram, you can easily delete them at any time. To do this, click on the photos in question in the app and select the 'Edit' option. Now all you have to do is deactivate the photo map function. Then unloved fans can no longer follow you - at least via Instagram.