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Located in the west, along the Aegean coast, where there are beautiful beaches, hidden bays and interesting cities to marvel at, Pamukkale is by far the most important treasure far and wide. Translated, Pamukkale means "cotton castle". When you see this place, you will quickly realize that Pamukkale really deserves this name.

Pamukkale at a glance

History of the limestone terraces

Bathing ban

Terraces at sunset

The ancient city of Hierapolis


Pamukkale is in Southwest Turkey, near the city of Denizli. Two things in particular are absolutely worth seeing here: On the one hand there are the famous limestone terraces and on the other hand the ancient and historical city of Hierapolis.

The limestone terraces of Pamukkale

They are brilliant white and shiny - the limestone terraces in Pamukkale. Long ago verified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, these snow-white terraces are a breathtaking sight. The terraces were created by the evaporation of the hot, calcareous thermal water from the springs, which incidentally still produce 250 liters of carbonated and carbonated water every day calcium-rich thermal water flows. The deposits look like cotton wool, which is why Pamukkale was also named "Cotton Castle".

The water is even said to have a healing effect, which the ancient Romans recognized almost 2000 years ago. The health resort had its heyday in the second and third centuries, when it was possible to bathe carefree in the warm thermal water. So circulatory, rheumatoid and heart patients came here to bathe in the healing pool and to recover from their ailments and ailments.


Bathing ban for the sake of nature

As beautiful as the snow-white terraces are today, they weren't always so beautiful. Due to a rush of curious tourists in bikini and swimming trunks, they were unfortunately quite filthy over the years and almost lost their beauty.

By the way:
You should still pack your swimming trunks and bikini! Specially artificial pools have been built here, which allow comfortable bathing with a wonderful view.

It has therefore been forbidden to take a bath in the pool for 20 years. In addition, you can only enter the terraces barefoot.

Many hotels around Pamukkale were also demolished to protect the terraces. After this relaxation time, the terraces regained their beauty and elegance and are still one today impressiveNatural spectaclewhich every year attracts numerous tourists from all over the world.


Pamukkale at sunset

During the day, tourists cavort in Pamukkale and around the terraces, but in the evening it is very quiet here and you are almost alone. Lara, a reader of the travel magazine, was lucky enough to see this fascinating place up close.

She was particularly enthusiastic about the terraces in the evening sun: "I love the sunset, it made the limestone terraces appear in completely different colors. " You can imagine how impressive the sight must be at sunset. Well, I don't know about you, but I'm already getting lost in daydreams!


Ancient Hierapolis

Due to the limestone terraces, the other sights on the Aegean coast are sometimes forgotten. Lara has the following tip for you: “I.m amphitheater sitting was a really cool thing. And it's funny and impressive at the same time to stand in front of such old buildings from antiquity.

Above the mountain in Pamukkale lies theancient greek city Hierapolis with its amphitheater, the necropolis (tombs), the Temple of Apollo and the city gate.


Many buildings in Hierapolis are still there very well preserved, especially the amphitheater is one of the best preserved amphitheaters in Turkey. The ancient city was founded in 190 BC and before it became part of the Roman province of Asia in 133.

Researchers are of the opinion that Hierapolis as a health resort below the mountain due to the large amphitheater, marble and limestone terraces is a very important city must have been. The water from the terraces was not only used for bathing, but also for dyeing wool. Handicrafts such as weaving and the textile trade gave the city great wealth.


If you look at this place, it is not surprising that many tourists visit their Turkey vacation with a Day trip to Pamukkaleconnect. Mostly they come from vacation spots like Antalya, Fethiye, Bodrum and Kusadasi. It is also close to Pamukkale Ephesus, another ancient city that was once very important and is also well preserved.

So if you are planning a beach holiday in this wonderful country, you should, if possible, visit both or at least one of these wonderful places. These cultural treasures you can't miss yourselves!

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