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5 characteristics of emotionally immature people ›published on by Susanne Prosser

Maturity is not a question of age - these behaviors show that certain people still have a lot to learn.

1. Assignment and reversal of guilt

Immature people do not want to take responsibility for their mistakes and actions. Accordingly, it is easiest for them to blame others for their own guilt and responsibility. Objective attempts at clarification are repulsed. It goes without saying that constructive discussions and solutions are not possible under these circumstances.

2. Selfishness

Immature people are self-centered - that means everything revolves around them. They expect you to accept them for who they are, but do not want to admit the same to everyone else. Immature people always come first - they always act to their advantage and all too often at the expense of others.

3. Victim role

Immature people feel particularly comfortable in one role: in the role of the victim. Because basically everyone is better off than they are and the world is bad and unjust. They are not interested in the fact that immature people lost a job because of their carelessness - and the situation is simply presented differently. Emotionally immature people want to dock with people who are always and unconditionally by their side, regardless of whether they screwed something up or not.

4. Let others do

Anyone who deals with emotionally immature people will quickly notice how quickly the relationship gets into trouble. Often without noticing it, one finds oneself in a position to take care of everything and take care of everything, while the emotionally immature person is not aware of any responsibility. Every type of relationship takes two people. If only one does, the relationship will only work halfway, until at some point it begins to completely overturn.

5. Power games

Emotionally immature people show no insight, empathy, and understanding. They don't even bother taking each other's perspective and looking for cooperative solutions. For them, it's all about being right and getting out of the game as a winner and not making everyone happy.
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